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Install the method in bearing stand of the large-scale electrical machinery

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: How to install the bearing seat of the large-scale electrical machinery? Introduce the large-scale electrical machinery bearing stand installation method briefly as follows:

One, the first part- Foundation spiral shell’s pole:

1 , spiral shell’s pole of foundation of the fastening baseplate of the large-scale electrical machinery should be washed with solvents such as the petrol,etc., and check the whorl to deduct and touch the bad place arbitrarily carefully, and try twisting once with the nut. Measure the actual length of the foundation spiral shell hole and check whether the size of spiral shell’s pole is suitable at the same time. Board should stick and lean with the foundation against closely the anchor, the foundation spiral shell’s pole should keep vertical with the anchor board.

2 , large-scale the intersection of fastening and the intersection of foundation and the intersection of spiral shell and pole of baseplate of electrical machinery a most frequently used one the swelling bolt, it is more convenient to install, make and take the T-shaped spiral shell pole too, the spiral shell of this kind of structure pole is put from above, put spiral shell’s pole into a shape hole on board of anchor, then rotate 900 spiral shell poles and is locked by the anchor board. Before the foundation spiral shell’s pole is tightened, should spread the lubricating oil on the whorl in advance.

Two, the second part- Baseplate:

The baseplate of the large-scale electrical machinery is generally formed after the stencil plate is welded, or was welded by groups such as I-steel and channel,etc.. The baseplate of the electrical machinery has the whole, there is the one that divide one too. Their function is to support the electrical machinery, and transmit the electricity is flexible, dead load to the foundation, and keep the electrical machinery and installs size and interval and does not change partly.

1 , the baseplate of the large-scale electrical machinery should remove the greasy dirt before installation, remove the antirust paint. Especially on the combination surface that is watered with the cement, should brush and scrub clean by getting rid of the paint and steel, then dry with the cloth, you had better brush a layer of grout in advance.

2 , want, pay special attention to the intersection of bearing and flat install surface with the intersection of stator and the intersection of plane and the intersection of flat and the intersection of installation and surface, have scratch or corrosion when washing the baseplate, if find that there is similar defect that employs file and abrasive paper to repair.

3 , the electrical machinery baseplate of the large-scale electrical machinery installed newly has very strict requirements on foundation, it is solid that the foundation should be enough, on condition that bear certain dead load and move load, the foundation should not produce and sink the phenomenon. In order to prevent the foundation of the electrical machinery from sinking, generally need to press in advance after the foundation is watered, press 1.5 time to 2.5 time of the installation weight that weight is usually the electrical machinery in advance. Measure elevation in pressing course in advance constantly, observe the situation sinking, can install after the foundation stop sinking.

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