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Install reason and counter-measure damaged in FAG bearing course

26th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Through heating FAG bearing or bearing seat, utilize thermal expansion to cooperate and change into the loose installation method that cooperates closely. It is a daily installation method saving effort. It is that law suitable for being getting older in full ofing amount in this FAG the installations of bearing, heat FAG bearing may separating type the FAG the suits of circles of the bearingses put into fuel tank and last 80-100 ℃ evenly, then take out as soon as possible putting axling into in oil, for prevent the intersection of inner circle and terminal surface with the intersection of axle and shoulder laminate urgent cool, FAG bearing can be fastened axially after cooling. When FAG the intersection of bearing and outer lane with light metallic the intersection of bearing and flat cooperate closely, adopt, heat the intersection of FAG and the intersection of bearing and heat of flat, load the method with, can avoid cooperating with the surface to receive the abrasion. While heating FAG bearing with fuel tank, there should be a network of bars from certain distance place of bottom of the case, or is hanging the bearing with the hook, FAG bearing can’t be put to the bottom of the case, so as not to sink impurity entering bearing or uneven heating, there must be thermometers in the fuel tank, control strictly the oil is warm can’t exceed 100 ℃, in order to prevent the flash back effect, make the hardness of one set of circles reduce.

Even if the invisible smiling dust of naked eye enters FAG bearing, will increase the abrasion of the bearing, vibration and noise.

Second, use the suitable, accurate installation tool

Try hard to use the specific purpose tool, do one’s utmost to avoid using cloth types and short-staple or something like that.

Third, use wanting it conscientiously carefully while installing

Do not allow to press with strength, does not allow to beat FAG bearing directly with the hammer, does not allow to transmit the pressure through rolling the body.

Fourth, prevent the corrosion of FAG bearing

While taking FAG bearing with hands directly, should fully wash the sweat liquid going on hand, and operate after scribbling with high-quality mineral oil, especially should pay attention to antirusting in rainy season and summer.

Under a certain special operation condition, FAG bearing can be obtained and relatively longer than the life-span that the tradition calculates, especially in case of light load. These special operation conditions are, act as and roll the surface orbit and roll one The oil film lubricated separates and restrains the surface that the pollutant may cause from destroying effectively. In fact, under the ideal condition, the so-called permanent bearing life-span is possible.

Roll the life-span of FAG bearing with the revolution or the number with the hour of work under certain rotational speed ,Definition: Bearing within life-span this, should enclose or roll at the body taking place, damaging while being tired while being preliminary in bearing any itspeeling off or defect . But no matter test in the laboratory or in using actually, can see obviously, the same FAG bearing of appearance under the same condition of work, the real life-span differs widely. In addition there is FAG bearing of several kinds of different definitions ” The life-span ” ,One of them is so-called ” The working life ” ,It say a certain the intersection of FAG and bearing accessible actual life-span abrade, damage usually by tired before damage, but is caused from the reason of abrading, corroding, sealing damaging etc..

The reason why most FAG bearings damage is numerous – -Go beyond load that estimate in advance originally, non- effective sealing, whom cooperation of high strung cause cross small the intersection of bearing and interval,etc.. Any factor in these factors will all have its special damaged pattern and will leave the special damaged trace. So, inspect and damage the bearing of the axle, can find it possible to lead the reason in most cases, by and large, have 1/3 FAG bearing damage, lead because on tired to damage, other 1/3 are led because lubricating badly, other 1/3 are led because enter FAG bearing or installation to deal with in the pollutant improperly.

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