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INA whole eccentricity tumbler bearing maintains the cautious inspection method of the characteristic

6th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

INA bearing if not chosen and can be used correctly under the mistake, would get before service life of the whole eccentricity tumbler bearing, can use it for a very long time on the other hand, the exterior damage ahead of time intentionally, not standing the damage in early days that uses, as this reason damaged in early days, have use lubricate, considering enough, have foreign matter invade, bearing to say, the coincident situation each other of these reason is more

Comparative research that inuse various mechanical projected life and various longeval whole eccentricity tumbler bearings limited, determine the bearing size at the same time. Choose the bearing, INA bearing inclines frequently to think, in the old and feeble grease life-span that happens, the oil of fatigue life, wear-resisting, with low noises, need abundant research too.

In addition, according to different uses, it is essential chosen the precision correctly, the backlash, retainer structure, the requirement in respects such as the grease,etc., the bearing especially designed. However, choose INA bearing not to have certain order, the rule, should pay the utmost attention to the required condition of tumbler bearing of the whole eccentricity, the characteristic, and relevant matters, especially practical. So long as in order to keep the bearing of the intact primitive characteristic as much as possible.

The washing of the bearing: Pull down the bearing to repair, under the appearance of the first record bearing, confirm the overmeasure of lubricant, lubricant used after sampling inspection, wash the bearing. As cleaning agent, generally use the petrol, kerosene. Pull down the whole eccentricity tumbler bearing to wash, wash and wash the thick something small and hard smartly, is put in the container, make contacting containering of dirt of bearing directly first the intersection of metal mesh and bottom.

Maintenance and judgement of INA bearing: Confirm whether can check the bearing and dismantle the bearing after being used the cleaning.

Check the ball track, the ball track, surface state, the cage is abraded, the custom clearance of the bearing and improvement of size accuracy, already irrelevant damage is unusual. It is not a small-scale ball bearing of separate type, the inner circle of bearing, use the support level of a hand, rotate the outer lane to confirm smoothly.

So want, understand machine that bearing use fully, service conditions, whole the intersection of eccentricity and the intersection of tumbler and the intersection of bearing and periphery structure get at the foundation, if can clarify the state before and after the accident happens, damage situation and many kinds of reasons of the recombination INA bearing are investigated, can prevent the recuring of similar accident

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