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INA bearing generates heat and maintains lubricated knowledge

26th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

A lot of people want to study some technological knowledge about INA bearing, mechanical equipment fitted with INA bearing of China is many now after all, the person that mixes in the mechanical trade knows some INA bearing technological knowledge is very necessary. We introduce the knowledge of INA bearing as follows.

Reason causing INA bearing to generate heat

INA bearing installed crookedly, will cause balls not to roll in the correct position of one to roll in the bearing, even cause in terminal surface and INA bearing seat of larger ball seat circle and circle of other seat block the axial force of the platform, it is overheated to cause the bearing.

Because the axle foot-path and size of the bearing stand hole measure the inaccuracy or cooperate with the surface roughness not to meet requirements for standard sometimes, cause crossing, full of, cooperating too big, make bearing flat circle very great to pinch, thus lead to the fact the intersection of INA and the intersection of bearing and radial clearance of itself reduce, it is difficult and generating heat, abrade and aggravate or seize, will cause the internal and external seats circle of the bearing to make INA bearing rotate during installation when being serious.

Maintenance of INA bearing

Resisting and gritting the bearing to basically contain two and quench hard steel ring in all INA bearings, a plurality of quenches the hard ball or roller, and a separation which separates the roller or roller withstands or keeps the shelf. These types are divided into a lot of kind in using again. Some types, such as the bearing of the column of the needle, the ring in perhaps not have, the roller moves in quenching the hard axle directly.

Lubrication of INA bearing

It is having that it is necessary to use more than the situation of recommending measuring lubricating grease in practice. When the necessary torsion is low, only need to finish the lubrication to the bearing with very little lubricating grease. When the speed is very low and INA bearing is when exposed to the open air in the dust or moist, the bearing will almost be fill-uped. Usually than generally speaking under the high-speed and high-temperature condition the bearing needs more frequent lubrication.

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