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INA bearing damages analyzing and overhauls the item that should be paid attention to

22nd November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is not all I bearings of damage that can be repaired, but before consideration is repaired or changed the new bearing to every bearing damaged, must evaluate reason and intensity why it damages in order to avoid or reduce damaging again. Cause reason that bearing damage numerous, install improper, filth invade and moisture it invades to be a lot of common reason that bearing damage in early period. Analyze and the corresponding precautionary measures that be able to lengthen INA bearing life-span in common damaged reason of INA bearing.

A. Misoperation:

It may cause keeping the shelf out of shape or defect to install, operate or dismantle improperly

Precautionary measures: Use appropriate operation, install and dismantle tools

B. It is insufficient to lubricate:

Perhaps it is out of shape to cause the component abrasion or serious bearing to lubricate insufficiently or improperly

Precautionary measures: Improve the lubricating system, timing is supplementary or changes lubricant appropriately

C. Get rusty and corrode:

It may cause the component of the bearing to lose and decrease and get rusty to contact water. The bearing after the corrosion is damaged may result in peeling off while working

Precautionary measures: Check and seal regularly, guarantee the good sealed result, store INA bearing correctly

D. Electric current:

INA bearing may lead to the fact to energize that present the groove or nick while rotating. When bearing resting, electricity operate earthing can lead to the fact slight burn while being improper

Precautionary measures: In connect and reduce to part beyond the the intersection of INA and bearing or prevent the electric current from passing the bearing through appropriate earthing weld,

E. Outside material:

Particle pollution of the abradability and chip may cause INA bearing working range abrasion, abrasion and cave in while invading

Precautionary measures: Remove and invade particle and chip, change lubricant, check the sealed system

F. Off-centre:

Off-centre, slope or cross heave- load might cause geometirc stress concentrate on and surface peel off

Precautionary measures: Process INA bearing seat and block the shoulder accurately

When the regular overhauling, operation and peripheral part of INA bearing apparatus are suspended searching by the bearing dismantled when being changed, it was bad that the demand differentiated INA bearing part once and can use and record and use the state again sequentially.

Secondly search the rolling in a surface of INA bearing, roll surface and state and the intersection of face-off and the intersection of abrasion and state,etc. of shelf the joint venture, injure with unusual special state wanting, watching, rolling dishes of the intersection of Taxi and the intersection of operation and orbit. Whether differentiating the bearing could be used again, should ponder over the level that the bearing is being injured, mechanical function, getting primary, prerequisite of turning round, search cycle, wait, come on again choice later on.

Search the result, if find when INA bearing has injuring and unusual states, please find out the notice according to the phenomenon that the bearing injure, make the countermeasure. In addition, search the result, if had following several kinds defect, the bearing can’t be used any more, change the new INA bearing in demand.

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