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Import the bearing structural style

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Import the difference of structural styles of bearing to divide for the following aspects:
First, shaft sleeve
1The internal diameter of the shaft sleeve exceeds specified maximum value, axle diameter adds the maximum allowable clearance of the bearing;
2The minimum with an outside diameter less than fixing dimension of the shaft sleeve, and when adopt the knurly method and can not guarantee the qualitative requirementing;
3When the burning loss or seize happens in the shaft sleeve.
Second, bi-parting bearing
1The severe wear of bearing metal, when its thickness attenuates more than 1/2;
2The alloy-layer of the bearing shells, full of cracks and serious, when the area is more than 1/3;
3Serious burning loss of alloy-layer of the bearing;
4Bearing metal and contact angle of axle greater than 120o is unable to reuse shovel blow the intersection of tile and the intersection of mouth and method of level, come, it adjusts contact angles or sides to be interval too big and unable change.
Third, thin-walled tile
1The alloy-layer of the bearing was burn-outed;
2The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded seriously, bite, unable while adding cushion law to tighten up;
3When the alloy-layer of the bearing shells or cracks;
4The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded not very serious, but can’t guarantee to overhaul in interval;
5The alloy-layer of the bearing is abraded, take, adopt and add cushion law to tighten up the bearing, when the shim thickness exceeds 0.5mm.
Fourth, thrust bearing
1The pad severe wear of thrust, when its thickness attenuates more than 1/2;
2When the thrust pad is burn-outed;
3The thrust pad shells, cracks.

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