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Import the bearing series B70 with ceramic ball

31st March 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Ceramic ball bearing: With the high-speed development of the industrial technology, the requirements for bearing are higher and higher, embody in specifically: Require miniaturization on the structure, require accurately to melt on the size, demand to melt at a high speed at the speed, require the high temperature at the temperature, high vacuum. In order to improve the high-speed bearing performance in order to improve in its fatigue life, the domestic and foreign result of study shows: Employ the structural pottery to make spheroid or other bearing parts, can improve service ability and life-span that the angle at a high speed is exposed to the ball bearing notably, the intersection of nitrogen and silicon or nitrogen the intersection of silicon and base pottery to make bearing and their the intersection of part and most ideal material among them, and made very good result of use.

1: As to general bearing, look on as D N value in 2. 5*10 the 6th power of the above, it will increase sharply with rising of the rotational speed when rolling centrifugal force of the body, the sliding friction which rolls the surface of contact of the bearing is aggravated, the life-span of the bearing is with shortening. The experimental result has already been verified: Adopt the nitrogen pottery of silicon of low density, very steel bearing of the bearing raises the life-span. 3- 6, meanwhile, roll centrifugal force of body, reduce greatly, phenomenon reduce greatly, thus make, roll body, keep sets of mass force of assembly reduce notably.

2.Unless it is it warm to able to bear high, ceramic ball is little coefficients of expansion hot,at environments high-temperature will because reason of temperature cause bearing ball not to be swollen, improve to use temperature whole bearing greatly so, ordinary temperature of bearing in 160 degree about, the ceramic ball one can reach more than 220 degrees. The test result proves, Si 3N4 still keeps quite high bending strength under 1000 degrees of high temperature, so the ceramic bearing is better contact stress and longer fatigue life.

3: Longe-lived, the ceramic ball needn’t add any oil, that is to say even if the oil is got rid of, bearing can work, prevent from in the ordinary bearing in this way because the intersection of oil and bearing led to the fact to get rid of damage the emergence of the phenomenon too early. It is 2-3 times that of ordinary bearing that the feedback of testing according to us and some customers uses the service life of bearing after the ceramic game.

4: Si3N4, to the acid of great majority, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and alkali, for example caustic soda solution has the good one that is able to bear chemical stability. Only hydrogen Fluorine acid and mixed solution of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid can produce corrosion to Si3N4. So in chemical industry or nuclear power industry, the ceramic bearing can substitute the steel bearing with bad chemical stability.

5: Insulating. Adopt the bearing of the ceramic ball, can make it insulating while enclosing inside and outside the bearing, because the ceramic ball is the insulator, use the ceramic ball between enclosing inside and outside the bearing, can reach the insulating result. Make the bearing use under the environment of the electric conduction in this way. This too mix the ceramic bearing greatest advantage.

The name of product: Import bearing – series B70 with ceramic ball New type: B7012 C internal diameter: 60( mm) External diameter: 95( mm) Thickness: 18( mm) Bearing material: Become rusty bearing steel AISI440(9Cr18) Use: Engineering machinery Type: Ceramic bearing

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