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Import the bearing and use the attentive matters in the course

27th October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Import notes that the bearing use in the the course ‘ Use and import the bearing :

: The imported bearing can be obtained and relatively longer than the life-span that the tradition calculates, under a certain special operation condition. Especially under the situation of light load. These special operation conditions are to act as and roll the surface Orbit and rolling one The oil film lubricated separates and restrains the appearance that the pollutant may cause from destroying effectively. In fact, under the ideal condition, so-called importing the bearing life-span permanently is possible.

Also a very accurate part, the imported bearing is besides quality really up to the mark. It is a high-performance imported bearing, if improperly use in the course of using, reach the intersection of performance and result that it is expected, and very apt to make it damage not to import bearing, everybody has certainly already noticed in lubricated respect. Besides lubricating, the imported bearing is in the course of using, those respects need paying attention to, it is arranged that it is small today discusses with everybody.

First, use wanting it conscientiously carefully while fitting

Do not allow to beat the bearing directly with the hammer, does not allow to press with strength. Do not allow to transmit the pressure through rolling the body.

Second, use the suitable, accurate device tool

Do one’s utmost to prevent using cloth types and short-staple or something like that. Try hard to use the specific purpose tool.

Third, try hard to insist on importing the cleaning of bearing and surrounding environment

Also will increase the abrasion of the bearing, even if the invisible smiling dust of naked eye enters the bearing. Vibration and noise.

Fourth, prevent importing the corrosion of the bearing

Fully wash the sweat liquid going on hand, take while importing the bearing with hands directly. And operate after scribbling with high-quality mineral oil, especially should pay attention to antirusting in rainy season and summer.


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