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Import NSK high-temperature oilless bearing 6203HZ

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Seriously promise: This shop is inferior for Shanghai to take the place of Co., Ltd. Ariba Palestinian flagship shop of the bearing, All import bearing products which shops sell are an original packaging normal product (The price is offered as being accurate with the sales force, can consult prosperous prosperous yadai2014: Inferior to take the place of the bearing) . In order to ensure our company and cooperative venture of customer’s interests to implement the contract system.

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Mobile: 15805712522

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Sell the bearing brand: Inferior to take the place of the bearing ‘ Shanghai) Limited company is a designated imported bearing acting distributor in Shanghai. The imported brand is mainly as follows, Japan NSK bearing, Swedish SKF bearing, Germany FAG bearing, INA bearing. Japan NTN bearing, IKO bearing, NMB bearing, NACHI bearing, U.S.A. TIMKEN bearing,etc.. The domestic bearing is mainly as follows, bearing of Wafangdian (ZWZ) , Luoyang bearing (LYC) , Harbin bearing (HRB) When.

Manage bearing type mainly: Other spherical bearing, take the spherical bearing outside seats, flange bearing, eccentricity bearing, ball bearing of major groove, ball bearing of cente adjusting, cylindrical roller bearing, roller bearing of cente adjusting, needle bearing, the angle is exposed to ball bearing, taper roller bearing, thrust ball bearing, thrust roller bearing, whole eccentricity bearing, bearing of guide rail of forklift truck, ball-and-socket bearing, nonstandard bearing,etc..

Because the market conditions are changed, the price floats, the products mark a price and is only for reference, the detailed information that can call to consult.

Because too many a unable a issue of products, please telegraph the connection if necessary.

Our company seriously promises, every every product sold in our company, quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Sincerity is managed

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The product cost is only for reference, welcome to call to consult in wired and! Not consulted and place an order directly, forgive me for not delivering! Thanks! !

A frictional resistance is small, power consumption is little, machinery is high in efficiency, exchange start.
2,The intersection of size and canonicalization, have compatibility is easy to install to dismantle, it is convenient to maintain.
3,Compact, light, the axial size shrinks.
4,The precision is high, the rotational speed is high, it is small to abrade, have long performance life.

5,Can bear radial and thrust at the same time and make the load up;

6,Within the range of very large load – speed, the unique design can obtain the fine characteristic;

7,Relative insensitivity of fluctuation to the load, speed and running speed of the bearing characteristic.

Compared with general machine component, the precision great of the antifriction bearing, so should be careful accordingly while using.
1)Keep bearing and ambient cleaning
2)Careful conscientiously while using
If give bearing assaulting carelessly strongly while using, will make the bearing present scar, impression, rupture etc. wounded.
3)Use the appropriate tool
4)Pay attention to the antirusting of the bearing
Avoid, use in moist place, for make sweat stained with, should wear glove.
5)The user should be familiar with the bearing
6)Make the homework norm that the bearing uses
Custody of a, bearing
B, bearing and perimetral washing
C, installation? ? Size and processing the test of quality of the location
D, installation exercise
Inspection after e, installation
F, dismantling the homework
G, Maintenance (check regularly)
Supplement of h, lubricant
Bearing coat with right amount of rust-preventive oil and use, antirust wrapper when being dispatched from the factory, so long as this packaging is not destroyed, the quality of the bearing will get the assurance. But while preserving for a long time, draft it on condition that the humidity is lower than 65%, the temperature is about 20 ¡æ, leave it in the shelf higher than the ground 30cm. In addition, keeping the place should avoid penetrating the sunshine directly or touching with the cold wall.

Q Q:177704137

Tel.: 021-61999573

Inferior to take the place of the imported bearing of professional sale, our company relies on the rich capability, sell for a long time, U.S.A. TIMKEN imports the bearing, Swedish SKF imports the bearing, Germany FAG imports the bearing, INA imports the bearing, Japan NTN.NSK NACHI bearing. Sell FYH ASAHI and NSK in other spherical bearing brand. The selling trade involves: Metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electricity, mining machinery, construction implement, worker’s way engineering machinery, steel, railway. Fields such as printing, food, medicine, chemical industry,etc.. The products classification involve the ball bearing of major groove, the ball bearing of cente adjusting, cylindrical roller bearing, the roller bearing of cente adjusting, needle bearing, the angle contacts the ball bearing, the taper roller bearing, thrust ball bearing. Nonstandard bearing. Enormous bearing. Cross roller, offer relevant bearing to the masses of customers, offer, the intersection of Wuxi and the intersection of district and bearing distributor of maximum, antifriction bearing supplier, company’s sufficient stock stock, the demand of the local informal customer of the maximum likelihood, valid stock management system, such respects as swift transportation is ensured offer the all-round service to customer and have specialized technician, market sales force and affirmation from the type of customer’s attendants, the conversion of the brand, correct installation after the customer orders, use and maintain; Avoid because the bearing is installed improperly, the impurity is polluted, it causes the early failure to lubricate the reason such as being bad, make customers carry on the most valid maintenance management to the bearing.
Offer the reliable all-round service to user in any link before-in-after-sales for the customer. On the following day, the company will be in more pluralistic management mode, construct the high-efficient mechanism of management, offer the high-quality special service. Form world more customers sincerely, establish the partnership relation trusted firmly. Make great efforts, make your demand reach maximum satisfaction. Create brilliance with the friends from all walks of life hand in hand. Management state of our company of understanding in order to enable you to be fast more overall, in order to carry on business contact and cooperation. The staff of our company await your condescending to inquire sincerely!

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