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IKO bearing / needle roller bearing – IKO bearing KT283417 parameter | Offer | Specification

29th April 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

IKO bearing / needle bearing – IKO bearing KT283417 parameter | Offer | Specification | Picture
The bearing series: Needle bearing
Bearing brand: FAG, NSK, SKF, NTN, TIMKEN
Bearing rank: Import the bearing
Bearing type: All types
Stock place: White cloud area of Guangzhou
Bearing picture: Sample picture

Serial introductions

The needle bearing is a roller bearing with cylindrical roller, relatively its diameter, the roller is thin and long. This kind of roller is called the needle roller. Though have minor sections, the bearing still has higher load endurance, so, are especially suitable for the res. occasion of radial space.

Shrink in nearly end places the outline of the needle roller. The result that needle roller and ball track blade connection revise can avoid producing destructive edge stress. Except type record listed,used for general project bearing,for instance: The open type rams the needle bearing 1 of the outer lane , the closing type rams the needle bearing 2 of the outer lane , an inner circle needle bearing 3 And does not have needle bearing 4 of inner circle Outside, SKF can also supply the needle bearings of different types, they are, 1, retainer assembly 2 of the needle roller, blocked the needle bearing 3, needle bearing 4 from the cente adjusting, making the needle roller / ball bearing 5 up, making the needle roller / thrust ball bearing 6 up, making the needle roller / cylindrical roller thrust bearing up

Ram the needle bearing of the outer lane in order to have needle bearing of the slim punch forming outer lane. Its leading particulars is that sectional height is very low and bears the great of load carrying capacity. It is compact to be used mainly in, the price is cheap and it can’t be regarded as the bearing disposition of assembly ball track of the needle roller retainer that the bearing housing is female. Bearing and bearing housing must be installed by way of interference fit. If can save the case shoulder, stop the movable coil etc. and make the bit function axially, then, the bearing housing is female can be done extremely simply and economically.

The ramming outer lane needle bearing which is mounted the shaft end has double-sided open 1 And one-sided closing type 2 . Closing the group end which rams the outer lane can bear the axial guide strength not big.

Contact: The Tang telephone number of the sales department of the Miss: 020-36197618/28/38,Fax: 020-36197698 websites: postbox: bdazc321@126.comQQ: 1220581158 Sell the bearing KT283417, offer various technology service for customer to KT283417 bearing in speciality of our company, IKO brand of the internal diameter, external diameter, thickness 28, 34, 17 of KT283417 bearing, it please contact the sales force to need materials such as the latest specification of IKOKT283417 bearing, picture, price,etc.!

    KT283417 series needle bearing type bearing KT283417 old type K28 * of the products IKO bearing of the brand 34* 17 needle roller and retainer assembly K000000 type entad, 17mm of thickness, 34mm of external diameter, 28mm of internal diameter,

    KT283417 series picture of the bearing

    The bearing KT283417 is recommended for you

    NSK bearing 7307BDBNACHI bearing 53414UFAG bearing 6206-2ZNSK bearing 22217HKE4SKF bearing 6001-2RSHKOYO bearing NN3076FAG bearing 7318B.X TIMKEN bearing JF9549/JF9510FAG bearing 23244B.MBNSK bearing 7324B/DBNACHI bearing NJ413NSK bearing NJ210ET HJ210ESKF bearing 3207A- RSNSK bearing HM911210NTN bearing UKP315; H2315XFAG bearing 53411KOYO bearing 7220C/DBNTN bearing 7317ACNTN bearing NK30/30RFAG bearing 6013ZRFAG bearing 7221B.TVPSKF bearing 7219B/DTFAG Bearing 511/500MPNACHI bearing 2202KOYO bearing 54215U

    Trade news

    Bearing KT283417 relevant type

    Gui Lin high-temperature bearing researches and develops and reaches the world level on product quality independently
    ” 12 five ” It is expected to break through that enterprise step and develop towards advanced industry the bearing
    U.S.A.’s metal seal bearing bit has improved reliability and serviceability
    Huiyang NTN bearing AS0619 commission agent

    IKO bearing KT859330
    IKO bearing KT10010830
    IKO bearing KT253017
    IKO bearing KT253020

      Bearing products

        Serial internal diameter external diameters thickness IKOKT283417 bearing K28 * of old type bearing 34* 17 bearings needle bearing 28mm34mm17IKOKT859330 bearing K85 * 93* 30 bearings needle bearing 85mm93mm30IKOKT10010830 bearing K100 * 108* 30 bearings needle bearing 100mm108mm30IKOKT253017 bearing K32 * 38* 20 bearings needle bearing 32mm38mm20IKOKT253020 bearing K25 * 30* 20 bearings needle bearing 25mm30mm20IKOKT142012 bearing K14 * 20* 12 bearings needle bearing 14mm20mm12IKOKT323820 bearing K18 * 23* 20 bearings needle bearing 18mm23mm20IKOKT162212 bearing K16 * 22* 12 bearings needle bearing 16mm22mm12IKOKT182412 bearing K18 * 24* 12 bearings needle bearing 18mm24mm12IKOKT283516 bearing K28 * 35* 16 bearings needle bearing 28mm35mm16IKOKT303716 bearing K30 * 37* 16 bearings needle bearing 30mm37mm16IKOKT202612 bearing K20 * 26* 12 bearings needle bearing 20mm26mm12IKOKT354216 bearing K35 * 42* 16 bearings needle bearing 35mm42mm16IKOKT556320 bearing K55 * 63* 20 bearings needle bearing 55mm63mm20IKOKT637120 bearing K63 * 71* 20 bearings needle bearing 63mm71mm20IKOKT172315 bearing K17 * 23* 15 bearings needle bearing 17mm23mm15IKOKT606820 bearing K60 * 68* 20 bearings needle bearing 60mm68mm20IKOKT303720 bearing K30 * 37* 20 bearings needle bearing 30mm37mm20IKOKT323920 bearing K32 * 39* 20 bearings needle bearing 32mm39mm20IKOKT354220 bearing K35 * 42* 20 bearings needle bearing 35mm42mm20IKOKT404720 bearing K40 * 47* 20 bearings needle bearing 40mm47mm20IKOKT606825 bearing K60 * 68* 25 bearings needle bearing 60mm68mm25IKOKT556025 bearing K55 * 60* 25 bearings needle bearing 55mm63mm25IKOKT808825 bearing K80 * 88* 25 bearings needle bearing 80mm88mm25IKOKT101515 bearing K10 * 15* 15 bearings needle bearing 10mm15mm15IKOKT162217 bearing K16 * 22* 17 bearings needle bearing 16mm22mm17IKOKT253117 bearing K25 * 31* 17 bearings needle bearing 25mm31mm17IKOKT202617 bearing K20 * 26* 17 bearing needle bearings 20mm26mm17

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