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IKO bearing brand product introduction

25th August 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

IKO bearing brand product introduction: Make with unique mechanical equipment accurate to process, IKO needle bearing realize whom machinery design small-scale light to quantize with special internal structure their in the bearing. What the bearing of the guide entrusted with the needle bearing is high-quality as the foundation. Works quality is appraised to come with the latest machine, the products are maintaining high performance and high-quality imported bearing industry level forever.

An industrial fittings manufacturer taking science and technology and technological development as direction, IKO bearing is a registered trademark of Japanese Thompson Company. The products take needle bearing and guide bearing as the core.

Realize that promises for user’s convenient, swift service through the global marketing network . The products that IKO bearing company produced have already become the representatives of the high-quality and famous-brand products.


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