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HZLF tall and erect dragon’s bearing 6202ZZ major groove ball bearing Null class bearing Antifriction bearing Bearing of the electrical machinery

21st July 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Ningbo tall and erect dragon’s bearing lies in China’s minification in Cixi limitedly. China. It is big. Type industry district when major groove is most important in ball bearing,easily accessible, there are superior on geographic location. The company one specializes in, makes, sells high-quality bearing and relevant products of HZLF brand. Customize specialized solution according to one degree of bodies of the customer’s working condition requirement. The company is devoted to becoming the stake of Chinese bearing enterprises, offer the solution with better cost performance to user with the service that advanced technology, stable and reliable products and speciality are thoughtful, the outstanding of the factory: Zhuo Long emphasizes the whole bearing solution, its group of engineering can understand the final user for the final user’s actual demand to bearing deeply, design and produce the related customer’s satisfactory bearing for the most reasonable cost. The products of our company are applied to the household electrical appliance extensively, micromachine, reducer, electric tool, machinery of the garden, motorcycle, car, medical equipment, movement machinery, bicycle. On fabrics machine and agricultural machinery. The company has strong operational capacities, superior apparatus, advanced technology and quality surveillance of completion. Adopt the advanced management mode, introduce the advanced management idea, the situation of international and domestic bearings industry of taking aim closely, develop all kinds of bearing products actively, advance technological innovation and management to upgrade at the same time, bearing that company produce, have with low noise low to shake, low frictional, high-accuracy, high leak tightness, high operating, long life, there are no functions such as abnormal noise,etc.. Professional to produce and manage microminiature bearing, thin-walled bearing, and ball bearing of all kinds of major grooves, A: 681-689,6800-68,69-699,6900-6910,16001-16010 thin-walled bearings B: 603-609,623-629,633-638,D:6000-6010,6200-6210,6300-6310 major groove ball bearing. Until ” quality creates prestige, management strives for benefit, honest, serve wholeheartedly ” Long Zhuo It is a aim. Advocate innovative technology actively, carry out ” strict and realistic, quality first at the customer is, keep improving ” Management theory,struggle future to enterprise and the developments of market and efforts, use the product quality of the working quality assurance. Zhuo Long pays attention to cultivation and setting-up of the brand deeply too, ” HZLF ” brand bearing will rank among the brand of the world, Zhuo Long will make progress together with high-quality products and user, we staff welcome counterparts and personages of various circles of society to view and emulate guidance wholeheartedly.

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