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How to maintain FAG to import bearing lubricating grease stability

29th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Use FAG in the course of bearing, give time when the bearing is lubricated while being special, should look out for the consumption of lubricating grease. If what use lubricating grease, ask you must understand sport state of lubricating grease in the bearings 6316-2RS by guaranteeing the stability of lubricating grease accurate. Pack the sports of lubricating grease in the rolling bearing, follow the change of FAG bearing, can roughly be divided into two stages.

Lubricating grease of difference form to it open to the traffics to be the intersection of difference and kind outline in bearing, must form outline, make a draft very, walk, answer short time, the intersection of bearing and temperature low in going through long operation, and steady, this’s lubricating grease had fantasies of in a kind of comparison, so becoming the canal is special and primary to lubricating grease.

Under the popular state, the packing amount of lubricating grease in FAG bearing, always surmount the practice demand for getting involved and lubricating directly, full to hold it on the shelf and in the cavity of the bearing protecting cover, and is rolling the periphery of body and forming an outline. In this course, because of the resistance of surplus lubricating grease, the bearing temperature rises quickly. Though the majority of surplus lubricating grease is pushed out of on the initial stage of operating, crowd dishes of lubricating grease of attachment move, change roll body, bring into, get away dish, probably still too in roll.

These are on the initial stage when the bearing run, the majority of lubricating grease is very fast less than one minute Pushed one out of rolling, and build up assuaring lubricating grease is following the bearing and moving and changing the returning of body samsara, small quantity is discharged successively. The bearing Wen degree still continues rising at this moment, until surplus lubricating grease is all discharged, can be called the walking and shutting stage of lubricating grease, according to key elements such as lubricating grease quality, packing amount,etc. in bearing structure, this period may last more than ten minutes at time, even several hours.

While annotating lubricating grease in order to resist to grit the bearing, may not need to use the high-pressure theory, unless use very carefully. The high pressure can damage the bearing, waste lubricating grease, excessive lubricating grease causes the high temperature to bring the danger and cause the invisible environment to FAG a bearing. In the great majority are employed, the ball or roller type bearing can be totally lubricated, if lubricating grease level account for the intersection of bearing and 1/3 to 1% half of capacity. The quantity gone beyond will be usually discharged and wasted by the sealed shell.

Resisting and gritting the bearing to basically contain two and quench hard steel ring in all FAG bearings, a plurality of quenches the hard ball or roller, and a separation which separates the roller or roller withstands or keeps the shelf. These types are divided into a lot of kind in using again. Some types, such as the bearing of the column of the needle, the ring in perhaps not have, the roller moves in quenching the hard axle directly.

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