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How to judge bearing lubricating grease fails in using

31st October 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

How to judge bearing lubricating grease fails in using:

Lubricating grease that turn round suffer destruction of mechanical force, make thick to take fiber of pharmaceutical, become, crack, shorten, reduce maintain the intersection of lubricating grease and ability of structure in the bearing, namely the intersection of consistency and change, if consistency change conference take place from phenomenon that working appearance runs off very, lubricating grease will be influenced by temperature rising while operating and working at the same time, basic oil will happen, evaporate and reduce and some basic oil divide oil loss into, make the oil content of the lipoprotein reduce because of colloidal destruction of lipoprotein, also possible to oxidize and change in quality.

So, for bearing lubricating grease, in not after working lipoprotein last 60% oil contents basic – o’clock 70% namely lose oils basic because of evaporating or dividing the oil 30% -40% Reduce even lose lubricated ability, cause bearing turn round, fail, the intersection of consistency and decline and oxidize and slough off alteration, influence bearing turn round, work of lipoprotein at the same time. Bearing knowledge

The index that miniature bearing lubricating grease performance requires is numerous, it is mainly colloidal stability the amount of oil divided Mechanical stability 100,000 shearing tests, lengthen the job awl to enter one degree of values With oxidizing the stability, the comprehensive result of these 3 indexes, it is the bearing life-span.

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