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High-temperature bearing of special type of the supernatural banyan Make China’s first-class brand

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Supernatural banyan of Shanghai high-temperature bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd of special type collects the high-temperature bearing to make, design, research and develop, sell in the integrative high-new scientific and technological manufacturing enterprise.
Company’s technical force is rich, pay attention to innovating and researching and developing, with ” national key laboratory ” Scientific and technical result, for relying on, technology if you can’t adopt, compound laser, production is by various bearings high-temperature heat-resisting wear-resisting, have solved China that imports high-temperature bearing to produce and melt, lowers consumption for enterprises, raise production efficiency. And established the technological cooperation relation for a long time with some institutions of higher learning in China, developing the new products constantly.
Research and develop the new high temperature resistant bearing newly, make the properties of product reach China’s advanced stage, some products have filled in the Chinese blank, has made the outstanding contributions for some key projects in the country.
At present, the main products have ” SR ” Supernatural banyan card

The high-temperature axle stand series of exterior sphere: TUCP type. TUCPA type. TUCPH type. TSBPP type. TUCF type.
TUCFS type. TUCFL type. TUCFA type. TUCFB type. TSBLF type.
TUCFC type. TCBPF type. TSBPFL type. TUCT type. Model TUCC. TUCHA type.
LTS300 keeps a high-speed bearing ones ℃ of serial high-temperature tapes of TS500.
. The high-temperature high-speed bearing series of deep ditch ball: TS6000 type. TS6200 type. TS6300 type. TS6800 type. TS6900 type
Adjust the high-temperature high-speed bearing series of heart ball: TS1200 type. TS1300 type. TS2200 type. TS2300 type
The angle is exposed to the accurate high-temperature high-speed bearing series: TS7000 type, TS7200 type. TS7300 type. TS7400 type
Pair lists the angle and is exposed to the high-temperature high-speed bearing series: TS3200 type. TS5200 type. TS3300 type. TS5300 type.
Son’s high-temperature high-speed bearing series that the cylinder rolls: TSN1000 type. TSN200 type. TSN300 type. TSN2200 type. TSN2300.
Get away high-temperature at a high speed bearing series of stitch: TSHK0000 type. TSNK0000 type. TSK0000 type
Son’s high-temperature high-speed bearing series that the taper rolls: TS32000 type. Series TS32900. TS30200 type. Series TS30300.
TS32200 type. TS32300 type. TS33100 type. TS33200 type.
Son’s high-temperature high-speed bearing series of transferring the heart and rolling: TS22200 type. TS22300 type. 23000 type. TS23100 type.
TS23900 type. TS24000 type. TS24100 type.
The high-temperature high-speed bearing series of thrust ball: TS51000 type. TS51200 type. Model TS51300 TS51400 type
Son’s high-temperature high-speed bearing series of rolling of cylinder of thrust: TS29300 type. TS29400 type
The high-temperature high-speed bearing series of exterior sphere: TSYUC200 type. TSYUC300 type. TSYUK200 type. TSYNA200 type.
TSYSB200 type. TSYER200 type. TSYRB200 type.
The company is researching and developing new 800 ℃ recently. 1000 ℃ ultra-temperature bearing.
The company products are applied to the car, lathe, electrical machinery, moderating machine, textile dyeing machine, package packing machine, papermaking machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, glass extensively Machinery. Machinery of war industry, port machinery, steel factory, power plant, shipyard, chemical plant, metallurgical trade petroleum machinery, fields such as chemical trade, medical apparatus, the electron, textile, food, navigation spaceflight, the nuclear industry,etc..

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