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High-speed electric machine SKF bearing characteristic and custody method

24th September 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

High-speed electric machine SKF bearing characteristic and custody method:

High-speed electric machine SKF bearing custody method:

1 the intersection of bearing and appearance though to scribble after the rust-preventive oil going on, packing and tying bagging, but can’t totally stop the contact with external air current, so should try hard to avoid preserving in the environment with moisture.

2 should try hard to choose to clean, dry, ventilate, the shady and cool place well, utilize the cupboard or shelf, insist above 30cm high place, keep.

The reason of checking etc. that 3 has entered the factory, disassemble the bearing packed, should pay close attention to the bearing measure of antirusting.

The characteristic of the high-speed electric machine SKF bearing:

1 is reduced and safeguards

Electrical machinery maintain include lubricated bearing and monitor the intersection of electrical machinery and the intersection of characteristic and two these, work generally. Lubricating or supplementing and lubricating improperly will result in wearing excessively, and shorten the bearing life time. The bearing may even break down too early, lead to the fact that the interest rises greatly to run.

It is that a important composition of a bearing lubrication function is some to seal properly. SKF electrical machinery bearing allocates the bearing sealed and lubricated all the life, does not need to supplement and lubricate, so the electrical machinery is non-maintaining for example: It is dense to take the glue

Seal and iron hermetic the intersection of SKF and the intersection of major groove and ball bearing ahead of time copy have grease, can lubricate, need, safeguard all the life. Bearing type inquiry of the car

It is safeguarded that 2 is appropriate

It have SKF electrical machinery bearing the one remarkable reliability,can failure-free operation,but need maintaining at some place. These places are left, in order to try hard to make the bearing reach high reliability and long life the most the most, it is in all very important electrical machineries to adopt appropriate maintenance method, tool and products, over 80% are what has been rebuilted because the bearing fail is caused by bearing steel fatigue few nonserviceable situations.

Most invalid situations are caused by that the bearing is improperlied use or maintained scarcely, can the intersection of SKF and research controlled to get reveal, if can correct the device and are maintained, the bearing on the electrical machinery can usually run for more than 10 years properly.

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