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High-quality, bearing 24044CA/W33 (Fig.)

28th November 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

Hebei permanent Thai the intersection of Seiko and the intersection of bearing and firm establish on 1998, in order to sell, transfer heart, get away sub bearing as the main fact, it is Wafangdian common metallurgical bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd, sea bearing Co., Ltd., Wuxi strength full of trees of Wafangdian of North China that lead to bearing Co., Ltd.. North China agent!
Contract all kinds of, substitute the import bearing (high to imitate! )Buy 0-9 kinds of the whole series on behalf to import domestically, the common and nonstandard enormous bearing!
Personality is greater than everything to based on sincerity!
Consultation hot line: ( 0) 150768633360319-8571002
Business QQ: 327509898

The name of product: Supply the high-quality, special price bearing 24044CA/W33 (Fig.) Use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and the intersection of bearing and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and roller, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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