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Henry VIII Historical British King Henry VIII J. J. Scarisbrick University of California Press

8th July 2013 History Books 0 Comments

J. J. Scarisbrick is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Bristol. –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Henry VIII’s forceful personality dominated his age and continues to fascinate our own. In few other reigns have there been developments of such magnitudein politics, foreign relations, religion, and societythat have so radically affected succeeding generations. Above all the English Reformation and the break with Rome are still felt more than four centuries on.

First published in 1968, J. J. Scarisbrick’s Henry VIII remains the standard account, a thorough exploration of the documentary sources, stylishly written and highly readable. In an updated foreword, Professor Scarisbrick takes stock of subsequent research and places his classic account within the context of recent publications.

“It is the magisterial quality of J.J. Scarisbrick’s work that has enabled it to hold the field for so long.”Steve Gunn, Times Literary Supplement

Henry VIII (English Monarchs Series)

Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen

John Edwards is Modern Languages Faculty Research Fellow in Spanish, University of Oxford. His recent books include The Spanish Inquisition, Ferdinand and Isabella, and Isabella: Catholic Queen and Madam of Spain. He lives in Oxford, UK.

The lifestory of Mary Idaughter of Henry VIII and his Spanish wife, Catherine of Aragonis often distilled to a few dramatic episodes: her victory over the attempted coup by Lady Jane Grey, the imprisonment of her half-sister Elizabeth, the bloody burning of Protestants, her short marriage to Philip of Spain. This original and deeply researched biography paints a far more detailed portrait of Mary and offers a fresh understanding of her religious faith and policies as well as her historical significance in England and beyond.

John Edwards, a leading scholar of English and Spanish history, is the first to make full use of Continental archives in this context, especially Spanish ones, to demonstrate how Mary’s culture, Catholic faith, and politics were thoroughly Spanish. Edwards begins with Mary’s origins, follows her as she battles her increasingly erratic father, and focuses particular attention on her notorious religious policies, some of which went horribly wrong from her point of view. The book concludes with a consideration of Mary’s five-year reign and the frustrations that plagued her final years. Childless, ill, deserted by her husband, Mary died in the full knowledge that her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth would undo her religious work and, without acknowledging her sister, would reap the benefits of Mary’s achievements in government.

Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen (The English Monarchs Series)

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