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Harmonic wave get away sub bearing CSF25 alternately while being specialized

21st August 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

CSF series bearing: The same as the structure within the sub bearing of rolling of the precision alternately, have high rigidity, turn the precision round high, and can bear the load of every direction at the same time. In the harmonic decelerator, the inner circle of CSF series bearing links with the gentle wheel, become an organic whole after connecting. Through the intersection of wave and generator, make gentle wheel and teeth of a cogwheel produce the intersection of tooth and sport by mistake just, realize, turn retarded motion to output low-speed into inputting high speed. In this course, gentle wheel and steel wheel right tooth take exercises resistance above the 90% by mistake, come from the frictional force that the other load that the bearing bears the weight of converts the son to rolling and rolls between one.

So the assurance of the CSF series bearing precision plays an essential role to the whole state of the harmonic decelerator.

The type of series CSF is as follows:

CSF14, CSF17, CSF20, CSF25, CSF32, CSF40, CSF50, CSF65

The harmonic wave specialized bearing has adopted Japan to import specialized lubricating grease, the performance of the effective improvement products, lengthen its service life.

The name of product: Supply harmonic wave get away sub bearing CSF25 alternately while being specialized New type: CSF25 internal diameter: 20mm( mm) External diameter: 85mm( mm) Thickness: 18.5mm( mm) Weight: 0.5KG( kg) Type: Sub bearing of the roller alternately

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