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Grasp the common critical technology that maintains of FAG flange bearing

12th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Under the normal conditions, the flange bearing will there will be natural temperatures that rose and lasted one to two days after just lubricating or lubricating. It is very sensitive to the damage of FAG bearing that stability and characteristic of the flange bearing are shaken, for example peel off, impression, corrosion, crackle, abrade,etc. can be reflected in vibration measurement, so, through adopting the special flange bearing Fran to shake the measurer frequency analyser,etc. Can measure the vibrating magnitude, assign to and can’t educe the out of order detailed conditions through the frequency. Number values measured are different because of using the sensor erection site of conditioned disjunction to wait for, so need to analyze to the measured value of each machine that compare, confirm the judgement criteria in advance.

The temperature of the flange bearing, generally having the temperature outside rooms can be inferred, enable oil hole the intersection of direct measurement and the intersection of flange and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of outer lane and temperature, is suitable.

Usually, the temperature operates and begins to rise with the flange bearing slowly, reach the stable condition 1-2 hours later. The normal temperature of the flange bearing is because of the heat capacity of the machine, the quantity of heat dissipation, rotational speed and supporting differently. If lubricate, install one is suitable, then FAG bearing is warm will all be urgent to rise suddenly, the high temperature that will become abnormal, must shut down at this moment, take the essential precautionary measures.

Use the operating temperature that the thermal sensor can monitor the bearing at any time, autoalarm at the time of the specified value that the temperature of concurrent implementation exceeds or stopping preventing using the high temperature to often show the bearing has already been in the abnormal circumstance. The high temperature is harmful to lubricant of FAG bearing too. The excessive heating of the bearing can belong to all lubricant in the bearing sometimes. If the bearing connects at more than 125 ℃ temperature with the change of club for a long time and reduces the bearing life-span. The reason for causing the bearing of high-temperature flange of Qingdao includes: Lubricate insufficiently or lubricate excessively, lubricant. Contain impurity inside, support too big, flange bearing decrease ring, interval insufficient, and whom oil seal produce high to grit etc..

The flange bearing temperature is gauged regularly but the with the assistance of, in the thermometer, such as the digital thermometer, and the unit reveal definitely in accordance with ℃ or degree fahrenheit that can be rigorous to examine FAG bearing temperature. The bearing of the importance, purpose is called when it damages, will cause the closed-down of the apparatus, so this kind should preferably install the temperature probe additionally.

1 , maintenance bearing and cleaning around. Even it is eyes that think little dust, can bring bad influence to FAG bearing too. So, keep clean around, make the dust unlikely to invade the bearing.

2 , use carefully carefully. Administrate the bearing to assault strongly in use, will produce scar and impression, become the reason of the accident. Under the severe situation, know the crack, rupture, so must notice.

3 , the operation tool used appropriately. Avoid being substituted by Off-The-Shelf tool, must use the appropriate tool.

4 , the corrosion which should pay attention to FAG bearing. While operating the flange bearing, the sweat on hand will become the reason to get rusty. Should pay attention to using clean manual manipulation, preferably try hard to take gloves.

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