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Getting rid of the maintenance which is overhauled the grease differently and loudly of koyo major groove ball bearing

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

In order to judge whether koyo bearing dismantled can be reused, should check after ball bearing is washed clean in the major groove, check the surface of ball track meticulously, rolling surface, cooperating with the abrasion situations of Taxi state, retainer, increase of the bearing backlash and having damage regarding size accuracy drops, unusual. It is not a small ball bearing of separate type, support competence of the inner circle with a hand, rotate the outer lane to confirm whether it is smooth or not.

Koyo bearing,etc. separates the shape bearing, can check to the ball track surfaces of the rolling element, outer lane respectively. Large-scale major groove ball bearing because unable to rotate by hand, pay attention to, check rolling element, ball track, retainer, block the intersection of piece,etc. and appearance, the higher the importance of the bearing is must heal the inspection cautiously

1 The water pump that koyo bearing comes into operation newly, generally must change the grease oil after operating 100 hours ,Run and change once every 500 hours each time later.

2Adopt the floating koyo bearing that the grease lubricates, after running for 1500 hours, should change the grease, there can’t be too much or too little oil content with note, because there is too muchly or too little grease will cause the ball bearing of major groove to generate heat, the fuel quantity is generally known in 1/2- 2/3 of the volume of bearing room.

3For adopting and lubricating the bearing of the oil lubrication, oil content should be added to the prescribed position.

4The container which holds the lubricating oil or grease should be clean, in conformity with the good sealing at ordinary times, there should not be incidentals such as dust, scale specking,etc., so as not to damage the bearing.

5The ball bearing of major groove of the electric motor generally adopts the sodium based grease, the characteristic of this kind of grease is the high temperature of an ability 125 ℃ ,But it is apt it dissolve at water,so can’t pairs of it lubrications used for koyo bearing.

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