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Gear box an axle rear bearing is damaged Check the trouble clearing method

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

A CA6440 light passenger train, after going 40,000 kilometers, the axle rear bearing of the gear box first 50306 #s appears continuously Damage the trouble. In the course of getting rid of this trouble, dismantle and examine the gear box several times, has not found the anomaly; Measure the torsion bar spring and adjust the screw, the height is 42mm, conform to and stipulate the standard; Check the position of the colored keyway between torsion bar spring and both ends fixed arm – -All disintegrate and check two pull rods, has not discovered the problems either. It last screw the but on the left one torsion bar spring and after damage rubber cushion among arms fixed, after changing the glue cushion, trouble clearing. Has already gone more than 5,000 kilometers so far, job of this bearing is still normal.

CA6440 light passenger train, has hung the shelf and adopted vertically to put the torsion bar type spring to hang the shelf independently ago, one is linked through connecting pole piece and frame and changing direction. There are with laying and controlling by arming and connecting on torsion bar spring through spraining arm,if you can’t play, control by arm through before crossbeam link with frame, support before taking shape. The torsion bar spring, through fixing the arm, adjusting screw and gear box and supporting the crossbeam to link, the gear box supports the roof beam and links with frame to take shape, support. It is strength and moment of transmitting all directions to connect the pole, are born and turns back the moment by the torsion bar spring. The car is in the course of going, when the front wheel meets horizontal shock power, turn to one and reaches the gear box and supports roof beam and frame through the torsion bar spring, by the front wheel; At the time of shock power on it meet front wheel vertical,from before if you can’t shelf hung, change to last moment torsion bar spring, pass to the gear box and support on roof beam and frame. The energy of various shock power and moment that the front wheel receives, is absorbed gradually by parts such as the tire, shock absorber, turning to one, pull rod spring, gear box crossbeam and frame, thus guarantee the smooth-going and security that the car goes. In order to while making both sides front wheel meet strength and moment of every direction, can absorb and consume effectively, while installing the torsion bar spring, should add certain pre- torsion. This pre- torsion is equivalent to a big spring, cooperate with shock absorber and get up to reduce bestiring oneself to use, energy that also absorb the strength from front wheel all directions there is a resulting at the same time and the moment produces. In order to make two springs of torsion bars have the same pre- torsion, installation and adjustment of the torsion bar spring must be according to technological standard procedure strictly, could guarantee in this way two front wheels reach the equilibrium in the course of transmitting strength and moment and absorbing energy.

After the pull rod spring of this car adjusts the rubber cushion of screw to damage, though the car is in the static behavior, it is highly unanimous to adjust the screw, but equivalent to increased the left pull rod spring and adjusted the length of the screw, have meant reducing the pre- torsion of the left torsion bar spring. In the sport course of the car, relevant parts are while transmitting strength and moment and absorbing consumed energy, will produce the phenomenon not of uniform size and out-of-balance. The gear box comes from the front wheel strength and links with the moment and crossbeam which absorb energy directly with transmitting, still transmit strength and moment between engine and transaxle at the same time. So, after the pull rod spring adjusts the glue cushion of screw unilaterally to damage, the gear box is in receiving the strength course, this kind of ” uneven ” Intensity aggravate,and ” uneven ” in this kind One of the results on function, make connect the main parts of gear box and engine – -The axle of the gear box first ” Called strength ” ,Clicked by strength and concentrated to and supported in front and at the back of the axle of the gear box first on two bearings. The previous bearing slips the bearing for one set of types, the rear bearing is a rolling bearing, to slip the bearing is greater than the rolling bearing resistance, but it is strong to resist the destructiveness, so has caused the axle rear bearing of the gear box first to be damaged continuously.

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