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GE30ES bearing

17th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The joint bearing is mainly by an inner circle and sliding bearing of an special structure of outer lane with inner sphere with exterior sphere. Can bear greater load. The joint bearing is applied to the hydraulic cylinder of project, forging and pressing lathe, engineering machinery extensively, trades such as automation equipment, car shock absorber, the machinery of water conservancy,etc.. The joint bearing is that the sphere slips the bearing, the basic model spherical slips the sphere to contact the superficial inner, outer lane to make up. Based on different its structure and types, can bear the radial load, axial load, or the union load that the radial, axial act on at the same time.

The name of product: The new type of GE30ES bearing: GE30ES bearing use: Rolling bearing formed after the structural form of the above-mentioned two kinds of bearings is made up at the same time in a set of bearings. Roll needle with the intersection of thrust and cylinder roll son make bearing up, roll needle and thrust ball make bearing up, roll needle and horn contact ball make bearing,etc. up. Type: Make the bearing up

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