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Gather the application in the bearing of inferior amine of acyl

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Gather the application summary in the bearing of inferior amine of acyl: Author the intersection of Luoyang and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of monarch and the intersection of performance and characteristic, prince of research institute, sum up, gather the intersection of acyl and inferior the intersection of amine and a new kind of high temperature resistant engineering plastics have unique the intersection of performance and modern industry, especially high technical field Can’t act on the intersection of bearing and basic part apply national economy to each field, meet different the intersection of operating mode and the intersection of terms and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of performance and requirement gather the intersection of acyl and inferior the intersection of amine and rolling bearing keep materials slipping extensively It demonstrates the good development prospect of superior performance gathers acyl inferior amine initially that the bearing material is employed Liquid sound pigeonhole the intersection of bearing and daily the intersection of axle and shell buy axle

1,The performance characteristic is summed up:

It is a new kind of high temperature resistant engineering plastics to gather acyl inferior amine, it has unique performance. In modern industry, especially the high technical field plays an irreplaceable role. The bearing is applied to each field of national economy extensively as the basic part, meet the performance requirement for the bearing of different operating mode conditions. Gathering acyl inferior amine can be regarded as and keep a material in the rolling bearing, can also be regarded as and slipped the bearing material, demonstrate superior performance and good development prospect in employing.

Gathering acyl inferior amine was invented and put into industrialization at first in the sixties of last century and produced by American Du Pont Company first. It utilizes four sour two anhydride and reflection of two amine, then inferior amination becomes the macromolecule material. Because there are a large number of benzene rings and one pair of keys on the strand, enable the rigidity increase of the molecule, the energy of the hot movement of strand is relatively high, as it can still keep the original shape not changing on condition that absorb more energy under the relatively high temperature, and the strand does not rupture, this is an inherent reason of a high temperature resistant environment of this kind of material.

To it gathers the intersection of acyl and inferior amine to be heat resistance very fine some variety, use the temperature up to 300 ℃, can be in the long term administration of 250 ℃ high-temperature environments. But this kind of molecular structure has increased and processed the difficulty shaped, though it is a kind of hot plasticity engineering plastics to gather acyl inferior amine, but its very hard-to-use preparation method that moulds plastics to take shape is shaped. Lead activity into in the intersection of acid and the intersection of anhydride and strand strong ether to improve their molecule flexibility and effective way shaping in key. Certainly have a lot of other methods, can formate flexibility and gather acyl inferior amine too, this material can mould plastics to shape.

Two kinds of shaping laws that the inferior amine daily shaping method of gathering acyl pigeonholes the casting law and moulds plastics, it is to heat the material to pressurize in the mould, make the material cool and shape to press the casting type in protecting and pressing state. Its mechanical performance of material shaped by this kind of method is very stable and reliable, work piece size can with relatively large, but efficiency very low, unfavorable to in enormous quantities industrialization, produce, the gathering acyl inferior amine of some varieties can only adopt this kind of craft method. For raise production efficiency, can adopt, mould shaping craft making piece or the intersection of structure and complicated products while being small-scale, require this kind of material flowability is good at this moment.

And a method, namely utilize the method similar to powder metallurgy to make capillary material, make mechanical performance and capillary performance of the material reach a certain particular index, meet the special operating mode condition demand. Gather the intersection of acyl and inferior amine because of unique the intersection of strand and structure their, enable it and the mechanical performance was not obviously reduced in long term administration under radiation environment, this is superior that it compares with other macromolecule materials. Most macromolecule materials will cause the strand to rupture under the radiation state, make its performance drop notably. Even no longer have mechanical intensity, so in some space fields, this performance of gathering the acyl inferior amine material makes it used widely.

Gather the low inferior amine material hydroscopicity of acyl, can demonstrate good stability as to most chemical mediator, it can use under to have corrosion environment for a long time, the application is very wide. Its machinery is of good performance, tensile strength reaches 90Mpa, rigidity is better, can keep size stability for a long time. Can carry on the car, mill, bore etc. to process the products in receiving the size precision and surface with better quality through the common mechanical processing mode. Insulating and fine, can be regarded as high-performance electronic spare part and machine component. Gather acyl inferior amine and have from lubricated performance, it can transfer to to rubing the surface among friction surface of the relative motion, form the solid to lubricate layer. In do, rub, have relatively slip relatively high speed, under the state, will produce a large amount of heat in rubing the surface, some temperature can reach the resolving temperature of gathering acyl inferior amine, it is inevitable to oxidize in the air environment, produce the intersection of oxide and powder, frictional heat enable keep in touch to gather acyl inferior amine, soften, adhere to, loss the part at the same time, has increased the abrading amount, so rub the state in doing, PV value of gathering the acyl inferior amine material and using should be controlled to some extent, will make it increase not to abrade, the life-span is shortened. Test show, gather the intersection of acyl and inferior amine have, sure person who lubricate by oneself, steady coefficient of friction its, with operating the extension of time continuously, have the tendency to increase slowly, this should notice to some application positions that has high expectations for frictional force. In order to improve this kind of performance, the effective method is to compound and modify in gathering acyl inferior amine. Disperse lubricant of powder in the material to make into the composite material, make the coefficient of friction reduce on the basis of keeping the basic performance of material, rub and produce heat to reduce.

Usually sulphurate two lubrication material such as molybdenum, graphite, politef and cooperate in varing proportions, the test result indicates its lubricated performance has obvious improvement. For having application operating mode of lubricating the oil and existing, can use in very high speed state, demonstrate superior performance, the lubricating oil that its surface absorbs can be used in very high speed state, demonstrate superior performance, the lubricating oil that its surface absorbs can form the steady and reliable lubricated oil film, have reduced the coefficient of friction and produced heat greatly. Its higher mechanical performance enables it to keep the steady size in high-speed condition.

Because it is a hot plasticity macromolecule material because of gathering acyl inferior amine, the function on it of the temperature is obvious, after exceeding certain temperature range, cause materials to soften and oxidize and decompose at first, make its mechanical performance lose. Rubing some temperatures and is grown heat two factors by ambient temperature and friction influences together, as ambient temperature will certainly hour temperature rise come from the frictional heat mainly. While gathering acyl inferior amine as bearing and bearing part, it is caused by frictional heat that the sport position intensifies. Load, coefficient of friction and working time will all influence the heat size. The heat conduction coefficient of the plastics is low, cause heat to be easy and assemble on some positions, produce some high temperature. It is the effective means to reduce caloric value to reduce the coefficient of friction, can reduce the working range temperature effectively while increasing the heat-dissipating speed, these factors need to be concrete according to the environment for use to analyze. It makes thermal expansion increase after rising that warm, has reduced and cooperated with the interval, some even cooperate closely, make the frictional heat bigger, cause the vicious circle.

It is likewise important to so gather the design of acyl inferior amine bearing products and process. In sum, we can find out, though it is that one kind is able to bear good engineering plastics warmly to gather acyl inferior amine, but it should still adopt various possible means to reduce the caloric value in course to use, avoid the too high damage that causes of the temperature.

2,Application situation in the bearing

Gathering acyl inferior amine and composite material can be regarded as the wear-resisting material and applied to the high temperature extensively, able to bear the chemical mediator, able to bear radiation, many kinds of fields lubricating,etc..

It is mainly regarded as and kept a material in the rolling bearing.

Rolling bearing mainly from inside and outside enclose, roll body and if you can’t keep four of shelf part, form. There are different on because function,inside and outside enclose and roll body can only getting higher very from hardness,rigidity be made getting older very bearing steel or stainless steel. One and smooth finish of rolling the surface of body are very high to roll, have very strict technical requirements as to its size and public errand. The function which keeps the shelf is to separate rolling the body, make them bear the load of the bearing evenly, reduce and roll the frictional force that the body moves and emerges. Still can provide the solid for bearing and lubricate and shift the membrane gathering the intersection of acyl and inferior amine or maintenance shelf that composite material make their.

2.1 Gather the application in the high-speed bearing of inferior amine of acyl

Usually angle of high-speed bearing contacts the ball bearing or deep ditch ball bearing. The steel ball because keeps in touch some small as rolling the body, it is relatively light to roll the body, can realize high-speed performance, accumulate and can be more than 1 million directly at the speed, is suitable for tooth boring and high-speed grinding machine main shaft bearing at a high speed. The bearing used in these fields keeps the shelf made and in charge of the material by gathering the acyl inferior amine materialed, then get shapes and size needed through the mechanical preparation method. The commonly used tooth bores the bearing size smaller now, the bearing size is ¢ 8* ¢ 3* 4, keep the shelf very small too, there are seven steel balls of ¢ 1 in inside. The rotational speed will not give play to its performance unless up to 350,000 and transferred to / divided the above, it will be used in the air turbine pivot of the tooth rig and supported the place, under the leading of high-pressure air, the turbine is rotated at a high speed, the tooth of the head bores and repairs teeth. The condition of work of bearing of this position is quite harsh, it is a series of question brought at a high speed at first, because the speed is very high, if keep the intensity of the shelf not enough, it is extremely easy to produce rupturing and causing the bearing to fail.

It is solved that the lubrication of the bearing is more difficult, according to the conventional method, the bearing of so high rotational speed should use the oil gas to lubricate the device, through compressing the air to take the lubricating oil atomized to the lubricated position of the bearing, but because it is used in the oral cavity treatment, this kind of method is not allowed, can only add the micro- lubricating oil on the interval of job by the way of dripping the oil, this part of lubricating oil most quilts throws out the working range to start stage in the bearing, so the bearing lubricates the state very abominable.

Bearing work long hours continuously fortunately, the compressed air has taken heat away. This kind of bearing should also bear about 130 ℃ continuously the high temperature of four hours is disinfected, general engineering plastics will all wear out quickly, so select comprehensive performance for use and well gather acyl inferior amine, this gathers the beginning that acyl inferior amine is applied in Chinese bearing industry.

The development work since 1978, it was the method of utilizing mould pressing to shape that gather acyl inferior amine to make into the tube thing at that time, then machinery is processed for the maintenance shelf of size and precision needed. It is very successful that its should be used, can stablize the bearing rotational speed and rotate / divide the above in 350,000. Noise and life-span reach the level of the foreign the same kind of bearing. Because there are more processes, efficiency is low, the maintenance shelf that this kind of craft makes into is with high costs, not fit for the demand that the modern society produces in enormous quantities, is utilizing disposable injection molding of craft method moulding plastics and shaping to keep the shelf too now, craft and technology of moulding plastics, raw materials performance of moulding plastics are in research.

The high-speed bearing that in addition can be gathered the acyl inferior amine material to make too while keeping the shelf. It is relatively high to gather the inferior price of the amine of acyl now, it is more complicated for the shaping craft to limit its important reason that is popularized in a large amount. With the completion and increase of output day by day of the synthetic technology, reduce the price which gathers acyl inferior amine, it is that this kind of material can get the requirement popularized and applied to develop new materials and craft method that is suitable for moulding plastics and shaping in the bearing trade. It can replace the bakelite material used extensively at present and is used in the high-speed bearing, raise production efficiency and service ability of the bearing

2.2 is in the use from the lubricated bearing of solid

In the field of space, the lubrication of a lot of bearings can only be solved by the solid lubricated way. It forms the solid with various methods to lubricate the membrane in rolling the surface of the bearing, reduce frictional force.

The disposable membrane that it can’t be regenerated that the solid lubricates the membrane, if the bearing of this kind of operating mode can’t be supplemented and lubricated, may result in failing. Keep the shelf to be supplemented and lubricated the membrane floor lubricating.

Because radiation is relatively strong in the space, other plastic application are limited, mainly adopting and gathering the inferior amine composite material of acyl now keeps the shelf, utilize and gather acyl inferior amine it as the organism material, it is made that inside adds two sulphur molybdenum,etc. solid lubricant. While the bearing rotates, rolling the body and keeping in touch with keeping a pocket hole of the bearing, relative motion make keep solid lubricant in the shelf and gather acyl inferior amine to transfer to and roll the surface of body, and then transfer to ditch one, supplement the solid and lubricate the membrane, achieve the purpose of the long-life. The bearing of this kind has already got numerous application in Hi-Tech fields such as the spaceflight,etc., the result is very ideal, satisfactory completion task.

2.3 In porous to suck the oil keep the application in the the shelves

Utilize how emptily in the motor bearing of the top to suck the oil to gather acyl inferior amine to keep the shelf, has already solved its long-life, high-accuracy and high dependability problem, the core of this technology is the porous preparation which keeps a material.

The motor of the top is a kind of high-accuracy electrical machinery motor, utilize and rotate the inertia produced and confirm the basis direction of the space aircraft at a high speed, part to that fields such as modern spaceflight, aviation and navigation,etc. are very key.

With the progress of technology and constant improvement of requirement, require the life-span of the motor of the top to be very long, the motor life-span of top in the world is up to 80,000 hours. The life-span of the motor of the top mainly has bearing life-span that determines, the life-span of the motor is stopped promptly when the bearing operates to fail.

The lubrication of this position is unable to supplement to operate in the course, can only adopt disposable lubricated technology. Use lubricating grease as lubricant at the very beginning, but lubricating grease consistency is relatively great, lead to the fact that rotates the moment to increase, the quality skew of lubricating grease will damage the top precision, the life-span requires, it is unable to realize that the lipoprotein is lubricated at the same time. Porous to gather the acyl inferior amine material and utilize gathering the inferior amine powder material of acyl to adopt the special material made of the unique craft. It has certain mechanical intensity, can shape and keep the shelf by machined method, well versed in each other between the inside, store lubricating oil within capillary, because centrifugal force and hot sport enable, keep a surface shifting when the bearing operates, form the intact oil film, realize the bearing is lubricated. The capillary touches it the surplus lubricating oil to absorb to again and keep in the shelf at the same time, realize the internal oil, achieve the goal of long-life.

It is of good performance to gather the inferior synthesis of the amine of acyl, make capillaries and keep the ideal material of the shelf. The most long-life top motor bearings of China adopt porously and gather acyl inferior amine to keep the shelf now, enabled top life-span for nearly more than 50,000 hourses, precision and dependability all met the host computer requirement.

Gather acyl inferior amine as a kind of special macromolecule material with excellent performance, there must be its broader scope of application, employed and will be expanded in respects such as wear-resisting structure one, insulating material, able to bear corroding,etc. constantly.

Material this employ, limited to Hi-Tech field send, output relatively little, people to to know degree very well to be enough it, it is limited to study the production unit, a lot of technology has not reached the industrialized level yet, have limited its range of application.

The developing history of a lot of engineering plastics shows, only take the road to industrialization and industrialization, could reduce the production cost, raise products consistency, improve the manufacturing technology, offer the condition that the expansion of this kind of material is employed. We believe, it has already not far to gather the inferior wide application of the amine of acyl, is improving its performance constantly in practice, produce and lower costs, design meeting various special and demands with specialization with the batch, form the seriation products, make due contribution for the economic construction of China.

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