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Flavours of Byzantium Asia Turkey Andrew Dal Prospect Books

14th December 2012 History Books 0 Comments

Andrew Dalby is a classical scholar, food historian and student of languages.

This is a study of the food that was eaten at the court of the Eastern Roman Empire at Constantinople in the Middle Ages. For centuries it has tempted and fascinated the West, yet very little has been written in English about the foods they ate or the recipes they cooked from. Dalby gives an entertaining account of the dining customs of the Emperors as witnessed by the Greeks and by foreign visitors. He tells of the medical theories that underlay their diet; of their opinions of the raw materials available; and stretches in a calendar of the seasons and how they affected the food on the table. This is underpinned by new translations from the Greek of important medieval treatises on diet, flavors, raw materials and cookery. Andrew Dalby is a classical scholar, food historian and student of languages.

Flavours of Byzantium (None)

Meals and Recipes from Ancient Greece

Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti is an archaeologist and member of the Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia whose prior published books include Dining as a Roman Emperor: How to Cook Ancient Roman Recipes Today.

Ancient Greek literature contains a wealth of culinary information on everything from etiquette to menu planning. Fifty-six delicious–and preparable!–recipes, gleaned from ancient sources and updated with ingredients available to the contemporary American cook, are compiled in this book. Readers will also learn about the role of food in ancient Greek culture–from simple family menus to lavish wedding feasts–beginning with the age of Homer and culminating with the ostentatious banquets of the Hellenistic era.
Drawing from Athenaeus’s The Deipnosophists, the most important source on ancient Greek food and cooking, as well as from comic writers, the author brings to life the delights of the food and wine and conviviality that were an important aspect of meals in ancient Greece.

Meals and Recipes from Ancient Greece (J. Paul Getty Museum)

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