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Fall of the Roman Empire Michael Grant Scribner

9th July 2013 History Books 0 Comments

Michael Grant is a highly successful and renowned historian of the ancient world. He has held many academic posts including those of Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Humanity at Edinburgh University; Vice Chancellor of The Queen’s University, Belfast and Vice Chancellor of the University of Khartoum. He is a Doctor of Letters at Dublin and a Doctor of Laws at Belfast. He has also been President of the Classical Association of England, the Virgil Society and the Royal Numismatic Society, and is a Medallist of the American Numismatic Society. He lives and writes in Italy. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Hundreds of reasons for this collapse have over the centuries been suggested. Michael Grant in his reinterpretation of these cataclysmic events identifies thirteen defects which he sees as being responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire. These flaws within the society of Ancient Rome set Roman against Roman, deviding the nation and thereby destroying its ability to resist invasion.

Fall of the Roman Empire

Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind

"Do you consider yourself a preparedness person? You need to read this book. Has your financial situation only become worse over time, and are you in debt? You need to read this book"… –

“I find this book to be one of the most profound books I’ve read in quite some time. It may even be the most relevant (and challenging) book of 2011 with all that is going on economically and politically” –

"…what I read was well-written, engaging, informational, and inspiring…" –Playing In The Dirt Blog

"…no one else I know of is saying… the things Michael Bunker is saying in this book. It is an incredibly thought provoking read… what he is saying is not only contra-mundum, it’s right on" –Herrick Kimball, The Deliberate Agrarian

"Michael Bunker is not anti-technology and he is not a Luddite… he dares to question whether modern conveniences are necessary, and he’s quick to name the cost of dependence: slavery." –

Western Society is in confusion, the industrial world is teetering on collapse, and it looks like things could get worse. Agrarian Blogger, historian, and “plain” preacher Michael Bunker has been living off of the grid for many years, and he has some advice for those living in the industrial/consumerist economy living an off off-grid life is achievable. It has been done for thousands of years, and it can be done today… It is quite possible that many people who have relied on a failing system for their means of survival will very soon find that they have made a mistake of historic proportions. Historic, because every major “classical” culture went down the same road our society is on today. This book is about the lessons we should have learned, and what you can do to survive what history tells us must come next.

Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind

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