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Falcon Seven St. Martin’s Paperbacks James Huston

5th March 2013 Literature & Fiction 0 Comments

A U.S. Navy F/A-18 flying over Afghanistan is suddenly diverted and ordered to bomb a building in Pakistan, where a meeting between al Qaeda and the Taliban is taking place. After destroying its target, the fighter is immediately hit by Stinger missiles and the pilots eject over Pakistan. They are captured, assaulted, and dragged through the streets of Peshawar. The world is on edge.

a secret mission
The pilots are quickly forced onto a private Falcon jet headed for the Netherlands, where theyll stand trial for war crimes at the International Criminal Court. The building they hit was actually a medical post constructed by Europeans for Afghan refugeesand sixty-five innocent people were killed.

a trial by fire
Its up to Washington criminal defense lawyer and former Navy SEAL Jack Caskey to defend the two naval officers. Caskey implores President Obama to intervene, but he is wary of a direct conflict with the ICC. Already fighting a losing battle, an outraged Caskey works with his contacts in the shadowy world of special operations and CIA operatives to free the pilotsor help them battle through an international show trial and face imprisonmentfor life.

Jack Caskey, a Washington, D.C., criminal defense attorney and former navy SEAL, tries to prevent the judicial railroading of two U.S. Navy aviators by the International Criminal Court in this timely and provocative thriller from bestseller Huston (Marine One). When navy officers Doug Raw Rawlings and Bill Dunk Duncan bomb an approved target in Pakistan, they hit not a meeting between Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders, as expected, but European aid workers and their patients. After their F-18 Hornet is shot down during the mission, the captured pilots wind up in The Hague, where they’re charged with war crimes. Jack, who leads a hastily assembled team to defend Raw and Dunk, travels to Pakistan in a dangerous effort to find witnesses. Meanwhile, the U.S. government maneuvers to avoid the trial. Huston provides an intriguing look at international law, current American policies, and modern war. (May)
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A Navy F/A-18 fighter jet gets shot down over Pakistan, and the two pilots are tried as war criminals in Huston’s latest blend of legal and political thrillers. Jack Caskey, former Navy SEAL, now a criminal defense attorney, is asked to represent the pilots in a court case being heard in The Hague at the International Criminal Court. The political ramifications of the trial and the difficulty of determining exactly what happened the night the plane was shot down push Caskey deep into a clandestine world of secrets. Meanwhile, the president of the U.S. contemplates a rescue operation that could jeopardize peace with several European countries. Huston has the background and know-how to make this high-concept story feel authentic. Caskey is a fascinating character, and the mystery proves engaging as well. Readers looking for Mike Nolan, hero of Huston’s previous novel, Marine One (2009), will be disappointed, as he’s not the main character, but the novel still shines. Recommend this to fans of both Tom Clancy and David Baldacci. –Jeff Ayers –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Falcon Seven

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