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FAG level bearing fault handling and essential maintenance measure

13th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

While operating in the organization, install the placement of the bearing and allow certain temperature, when stroking the outer cover of organization by hand, should regard feeling and scalding one’s hand as normally, it is too high in temperature to show FAG bearing on the contrary.

The high reason is as follows, that the bearing temperature crosses Lubricating oil quality does not fulfil requirements or go bad, the lubricating oil is too high in viscosity; The organization assembles high strung interval insufficiently ; The level bearing assembles high strung; The bearing race rotates on the axle or in the shell; Load is too big; The bearing retainer or rolling element separates etc..

The level bearing allows the slight operation noise at work, if the noise or has abnormal noise or impact sound too big, show the bearing out of order.

Antifriction bearing it produces reasons of noise to be complicated, in the bearing and outer lane cooperate the surface abrade. Because of this kind of abrasion, have destroyed the cooperating relationship of bearing and shell, bearing and axle, cause the shaft axis to deviate from the accurate position, produce in the axle in high-speed sports differently and loudly. As bearing fatigue, its superficial metal peels off, will make the bearing radial clearance increase to emerge differently and loudly too. In addition, FAG bearing lubrication is insufficient, forms dry friction, and the bearings will all produce the out of order sound to break etc.. After the bearing wear is loose and vast, the retainer becomes flexible and damages, will produce differently and loudly too.

1,The bearing is maintained: In order to maintain the original characteristic of the bearing with the good state as for a long time as possible, must maintain, overhaul, so that accident proof on right, guarantee reliability that turn round, improve productive, economy.

Maintain the operation or work standard of the condition of operating of preferably corresponding machinery, go on regularly. The content includes the inspection that monitors the running condition, supplements or changes lubricant, dismantles regularly. Overhauling the item while operating, there are rotatory sound, the states of the vibration, temperature, lubricant of FAG bearing,etc..

2,The overhauling of the bearing: The washing of the bearing: While dismantling the lower bearing to overhaul, record the appearance of the level bearing at first, confirm the remaining quantity of lubricant, after the lubricant used for taking a sample to check, wash the bearing. As cleaning agent, use the petrol, kerosene ordinarily.

The washing of the bearing dismantled, divide thickly and wash and thin washing, put in the container respectively, put the metallic network and lag behind first, make the bearing not contact the dirt of the container directly. Thick while washing, if make the bearing take the dirt to rotate, will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, should notice. In thick to wash in the oil, use the brush to remove grease, adhesion, after being roughly clean, change over to washing smartly.

Wash smartly, rotate the side in washing the oil of the bearing, the same careful washing. In addition, should keep clean to wash the oil frequently too.

3,Maintenance and judgement of the bearing: In order to judge whether the bearing dismantled can be used, should check after the bearing is washed clean. Check the intersection of ball track and surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the intersection of Taxi and state, the intersection of abrasion and situation, the intersection of FAG and the intersection of bearing and increase of backlash of retainer and have, have nothing to do damage that size accuracy drops, unusual. It is not a small-scale ball bearing of separate type, support competence of the inner circle with a hand, rotate the outer lane to confirm whether it is smooth or not.

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