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FAG bearing lubricant inspection method

22nd November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Stained with small lubricant to rub in two when points, if pollutant exists, can feel that came out; Or shoulder and coat lubricant on hands, then only check one.

Use the intersection of FAG and bearing that engine oil lubricate behind not rushing down, getting rid of old engine oil, the intersection of fruit and permitted what, should pour into the fresh engine oil and let the machine be rotated in the low rotational speed for several minutes again. Make engine oil collect residual pollutant, rush down except that these engine oil as much as possible. Attention: The engine oil had better be filtered first before using.

FAG bearing using the slippery lipoprotein to lubricate, while changing the slippery lipoprotein, Joe used except that the device should avoid having cotton quality things to touch any position of FAG bearing. Because these residual possible wedging of fiber and cause damage between rolling one, especially the application of the small bearing needs to pay attention to this question even more.

While checking FAG bearing, must not make the bearing exposed to the environment of the pollutant or moisture. If when the work is cut off, should cover the machine with the plastic slice or similar material of oil paper.

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