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FAG bearing brand product introduction

25th August 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

FAG bearing brand product introduction: The production factory with advanced craft, consummate rolling bearing technology. The high-quality superior quality norm makes FA G bearing import the bearing industry famously and prolongedly in the whole world. Have already been fully proved in practical application a great amount of times. FA G products are the reliable and mechanical piece with interest and benefit, FA G bearing offers all kinds of size series for rotating sport, rectilinear motion and even various specialized technology. Offer variant size series for various specialized technology of every line, has provided aid of estimable technology for the designers of every profession and trade.

Together with complementary products series FA G, FA G bearing brand was opened in 1883, the technological pioneer of the basic industry of the whole rolling bearing. The rolling bearing industry nearly contains all production application machinery, railway, electric transmission technology, heavy industry. Have prospective companies, a large amount of input in researching and developing of FA G bearing as one. Modern the intersection of simulation and method and test apparatus, and special the intersection of materials and laboratory guarantee project develop and improve all innovation of product frequently.

,The car bearing trade leads in websites, the subordinate characteristic column: The intersection of bearing and the intersection of type and inquiry, the intersection of bearing and type inquire software, bearing navigate etc., looks forward to your concern, please continue reading:

The general headquarters lie in Nuremburge of Germany. Germany FA G Company has been since established, been devoted to the innovation of the products all the time, in order to satisfy the needing of the customer, and offer the high-quality assurance and make it become cooperative partner that primary supplier and automaker of global rolling bearing are generally acknowledged. Under the jurisdiction of thanking the for tying Germany FA G bearing Company of the group tight, established in 1946.


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