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FAG bearing 6208.2RSR bearing

31st March 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

FAG bearing 6208.2RSR bearing
Because the failure analysis bearing arises as the main part of the locomotive in the common trouble of ball bearing of FAG deep ditch, especially draw the electrical machinery, axle case bearing, its function plays a very important role in transporting safely, the locomotive, while running on the thread, once FAG bearing breaks down, will cause the permutation train not to be be operated, stop up the straight line of transportation, especially the passenger train breaks down, the negative effect caused is bigger, at the same time once the bearing of the locomotive breaks down, it is very difficult to the emergent repairment of the locomotive, so prevent and reduce the emergence of the bearing trouble of the locomotive, seem very important as to the transporting safely of the locomotive, whether can measure the bearing of the hidden danger out of order out before loading in the deep ditch ball bearing, guarantee it is focal points that this text is described that the qualified bearing fittings get on the bus. 1. Exposed to tired to fail, exposed to tired to it fails to be bearing work surface produce, fail under the influence of reversal stress. It is tired to be exposed to and peel off and take place and work on the surface in FAG bearing, is but also following the tired crackle frequently, most large reversal cut the intersection of stress and, produce, then expand surface to, form different shape of peeling off from exposed to surface at first, if point-like for click, lose or not rough to peel off a bit, peel off platelet the intersection of title and shallow layer peels off. Because of peeling off the gradual enlargement of Taxi, and often expand to the deep layer and form the deep layer to peel off. It is a tired and invalid tired source of contact that the deep layer peels off. 2. The ones that abraded and failed and abraded and failed and produced because of meaning the relative sliding friction between the surfaces causes their superficial metal of work to abrade constantly failed. The lasting abrasion will cause FAG bearing part to be damaged gradually, and cause the deep ditch size precision losing and other relevant problems of ball bearing finally. Abrading may influence the shape to change, cooperate with the interval to increase and work the superficial topography change, may influence lubricant or make its pollution become certain and cause the lubricated function to totally lose, therefore make the bearing lose and rotate the precision and even unable to run well. It is one of the common failure modes of all kinds of bearings to abrade and fail, can usually be divided into the most common grit abrading and glueing and abrading according to the abrasion form. The serious damage of the deep ditch ball bearing was not often caused by single reason, but under several respect comprehensive functions, produced the vicious circle under the abominable operation condition, cause the burning seriously and decreasing of FAG bearing, so after the accident happens, often it is very difficult to judge which kind of due to reason it is, just make the relevant measure and bring certain difficulty for us, it is convenient in order to discuss, analyze the reason why the bearing breaks down from several respects first. After the bearing is used for some time, the intersection of bearing and inner circle, roll body, keep shelf, outer lane, roll dish,etc., produce certain defect, scar, the ones that cause FAG bearing are lubricated and bad, causes generating heat of the bearing, generating heat for a long time, will cause: 1, Dilution of the lubricating oil of bearing. 2,The ones that accelerated the material are tired, hardness decline. Because of the above, and further form the vicious circle, it is overheated and making the bearing burn and decrease to accelerate. Serious deep ditch ball bearing inner circle displacement, it is out of circularity to roll the body, offend and grow heat, weld it together finally. So while running on the line, if finding the bearing generates heat, smokes seriously, don’t park, but should keep running to the front station, because the overheated bearing is in melting state at this moment, once parking and cooling can’t walk, stop up the straight line.
FAG bearing 6208.2RSR bearing

The name of product: The new type of FAG bearing 6208.2RSR bearing: 61820YN bearing use: The deep ditch ball bearing can be used in the gearbox, instrument and apparatus, electrical machinery, household appliances, internal-combustion engine, traffic vehicle, agricultural machinery, machinery of the building, engineering machinery, roller bearing type wheel slippery shoes, long ball,etc.. Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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