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F1816 high-quality bearing installs the bearing fully

21st December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Bearing type: F-1816

The quality system is authorized: ISO9001,ts16949

Brand: HXD

Changzhou great XingDa bearing Co., Ltd. has been causing in the car bearing field specially all the time, good at the design and manufacture of the car needle bearing, have stronger new product development ability, has already developed thousands of kinds of OEM products at present, quality is steady, the craft progresses greatly, has already formed the intact production system, and rigorously enforce the license ISO9001, every set of procedure of TS16949 system norm. The following are some types:
1.Peugeot206bearing: DB70216,NE70214,5132.72,5131.A6,
Peugeot405bearing: DBF68933,NE68934,5131.48,5131.49,
PeugeotRepairkitsKS55900.KS55902.KS55901.KS55907.KS55908.KS510001.KS510002.KS510004.KS510007.KS510008. KS510014.
2.Renaultbearing: KIT040.KIT041.KIT042,7700102090,7700860242,8200039656,F-123433.3F552400,DB69518,DB69517, DB69516
The above-mentioned car bearing and other cars use the needle bearing (HK, BK, SCE, TA, HMK, AXK, NTA, DL, B, AX, DB, HF, RC, CSK, NA, NK, K, KZK, KH) It is our factory that produces the products throughout the year. Been cooperated with domestic and foreign related enterprise for many years, we not merely have advantages in price in regular products, more perfect on quality.
We produce the market demand of meeting different customers especially according to drawing and sample at the same time. And we are also developing and using the car constantly, the bearings and repairs of other types on cars such as the truck, the motorcycle,etc. are being chartered.
All enjoy very high reputation at home and abroad. Welcome the masses of customers to negotiate

The name of product: F-1816 high-quality bearing producer sells directly to households and installs the bearing fully New type: F-1816 old type: 60941/17 of the internal diameters: 17.0000( mm) External diameter: 23.0000( mm) Weight: 0.000( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Needle bearing

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