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F15339 bearing

21st November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Needle bearing (needle bearing) Take cylinder roll to roll sub bearing son, relatively diameter its, get away son to be thin and long. This kind rolls the son calls rolling the needle. Though have smaller sections, the bearing still has higher load endurance, it contain needle bearing it is detailed to be and not long it roll by son ‘ roll unless there aren’t diameters D sub, last 2.5 L/D,L for lasting lengths sub) ,So the radial is compact, when the size and loaded ability of its internal diameter are the same as other type of bearing, the external diameter is minimum, are especially suitable for installing the supporting result restricted in size in radial.

The name of product: The new type of F-15339 bearing: F-15339 bearing use: Used in various mechanical equipment such as lathe, metallurgical machinery, fabrics machine and printing machinery, and can make the compactness very much that the mechanical system is designed dexterous. Type: Needle bearing

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