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Extension method of the rolling mill bearing life-span

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The large-scale board brings hotly outside China ‘ Cold Even the rolling mill disposes the curved roller device, generally have a job roller short-lived bearing, happen, cook, melt accident even, make it increase not to maintain work load, homework rate lower, the cost is raised, cause the enormous economic losses, roll production perplexing seriously.
At present, it is a more difficult thing to calculate and measure the load when the uniline rolling bearing is born the weight of and distribute accurately, explore that it is the problem that a lot of researchers in the world pay close attention to to list the rolling bearing load more and is distributed extraordinarily.
Rolling mill bearing belong to, list more rolling bearing, because rolling mill load large and the intersection of roller and the intersection of department and the intersection of space and terms such as being little limit, the bearing seat must be weaker structure. Such special structure must make the bearing load distributed to change. R. L. Ebaugh and J. V. Poplawski write articles, expound the fact, operate terms and maintain and work relation of roller between the bearing performance at Iron

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