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Exposed to the angle

26th November 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is a main design parameter of the rolling bearing to be exposed to the angle, while analyze the bearing strength, movement relation out of shape and is confirmed the bearing bearing capacity, need to confirm the size exposed to the angle at first.

Exposed to horn, mean, roll body the intersection of mid point and place roll the intersection of body and loaded vector quantity and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of radial and contained angle between the level with roll lines of person who contact. The centre of the contacting area is transverse to surface of contact generally rolling the body load and acting on, so contact the angle and refer to and contact the centre of the surface and roll the contained angle among line and bearing radial level of the body centre promptly.

The contact angles of all kinds of bearings

a =0 degrees are called to the heart bearing

0 degrees < a <= 45?,???????????????

45 degrees < a < 90?,??????

Roll to taper sub bearing and asymmetrical sphere roll sub bearing, roll body with every circle roll dish it contacts contact of place to be different in horn. Generally, the the intersection of contact and horn of bearing refer to, roll and have sets of circle to block side get away dishes of the intersection of contact and corner to keep in touch.

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