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DL straight line driver can simplify the assembling process

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 1 Comment

DL straight line driver can simplify the assembling process summary: DelTron Company introduce the intersection of DL and serial linear linearactuator have compact to assemble simple the intersection of life-span and the intersection of characteristic and DL series driver adopt aluminium the intersection of outer cover and inside integrate frankly The line bearing drives the organization component to integrated and can be saved and assembled time to simplify the assembling process and integrate and design rubing high-accuracy characteristics to use the longevity longer among a unit Life series Liquid sound pigeonhole the intersection of bearing and daily the intersection of axle and shell buy axle

The intersection of Del-Tron and the intersection of DL and the intersection of series and actuating device linear actuator linearly that Company put out Compact and assembling characteristic of simple and long-life,etc..

The DL series driver adopts the aluminium outer cover, the internal integrated straight line bearing and driving the organization. Because all components are integrated in a unit, can save and assemble time and simplify the assembling process. It also has characteristics such as low friction, high precision,etc. in addition should integrate and design, and have longer service life.

This actuating linearly device offers four kinds of journey length such as 25, 50, 75 and 100mm, have integrate prevent from, rub slippery piece, politef sheath lead the intersection of spiral shell and the intersection of pole and drive and the intersection of back tracking and organization and 0.01 coefficient of friction lead bearing,etc. slidably.

Defend leading spiral shell’s pole nut to load with the spring of counter motion, so the forward sports when can guarantee to change direction. The precision of straight line of this product is higher than 2μ m, repeatability is less than 1μ m, the total journey can reach 10,000,000 inches when fully loaded withing.

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