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Divorce Care: Hope Help and Healing During and After Your Divorce

7th July 2013 Christian Books 28 Comments

There is joy, strength, and healing available to you in the midst of separation or divorce.

Things may look bleak right now. Your world is a mix of shock, anger, hurt, and hopelessness. Many of the people around you don’t understand the depth of your pain or the complexity of the challenges you face. You feel rejected, betrayed, and exhausted. You wonder if the pain will ever end. But recovery from separation and divorce is possible.

In this 365-day devotional, you will meet men and women who have come through the darkness of separation and divorce and who now walk in the bright hope of God’s love and healing. You will be encouraged and inspired by some of today’s most respected and well-known Christian leaders and psychologists, including Kay Arthur, Dr. Tim Clinton, H. Norman Wright, and Dr. Tony Evans. The daily readings and heartfelt prayers in DivorceCare affirm God’s love for you. You’ll discover that the divorce process can be a powerful catalyst for good in your life, transforming deep loss into meaningful growth with God.

“DivorceCare is the finest material . . . it will provide help, hope, and healing for your life and family.” — Dr. Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

“DivorceCare is a wonderful combination of wise advice and assurances that God still loves you.” — Dr. Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

“This devotional encourages, inspires, and brings hope to healing hearts. Daily you will be reminded that you are loved, cared for, and can face life with a renewed confidence that comes only from God.” — Dr. Linda Mintle, Author of Divorce Proofing Your Marriage and Breaking Free from Anger and Unforgiveness

Divorce Care: Hope, Help, and Healing During and After Your Divorce

  • 28 responses to "Divorce Care: Hope Help and Healing During and After Your Divorce"

  • Mark Sanders
    2:22 on July 7th, 2013
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    This book had insight on all areas that I have been struggling with. Made me see how important it is to connect with other people who are going through the same things that I am. I was thinking that my situation was all my own, but no! Others are having the same thoughts and feelings as I am. I am a Christian and staying involved in my church, going to a Christian counselor, trying to stay connected with my spouse, reading my Bible daily, and reading books on divorce have helped immensely. I even read books on the problems my husband has been I hauggling with also. I have been able to have closure only because I feel that I’ve done absolultely everything I could in my power to save my marrige. Because of this book, I was able to say to God that I give my husband and all his problems to you now. I’ve done my part. I’m healing more everyday.

  • Daniel M Schmidt
    4:10 on July 7th, 2013
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    This book helped me so much. It is a comfort and a challenge. It explains all the things you go through with a divorce, even things you would not think of. It goes into things we hide from our own selves or just don’t realize. One thing that is very touching and personal about this book is that at the begining of every chapter there is a love letter to you from God (based on scripture, of course) and at the end of every chapter is a comparison of what our fear tells us and what our faith tells us. This book truly can change your life if you are in the valley after a divorce (which most of us are). And the chapters are not long, so you can take it in little bits at a time, one issue at a time. This book is good even if you have been divorced for a long time. It shows you how to deal – in a Godly way and expresses God’s love and forgiveness. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a divorce or has ever been through one.

  • Dane Derocco
    5:32 on July 7th, 2013
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    As a divorced woman, single mom, and now a family counselor, I read this book every day — it helps me keep my focus in wise places. All of us, even if we are “trained” in counseling, need help keeping our focus on positive thoughts and on the possibilities that God may have in store for us. As I struggle to help my kids process their pain, as I try to learn how to cope with each new day, the daily readings in this book are helpful and very positive.

    Barbara Sheldon, M.S.W.
    I also highly recommend: Moving Forward After Divorce: Practical Steps to * Healing Your Hurts * Finding Fresh Perspective * Managing Your New Life

  • Manny McMann
    8:04 on July 7th, 2013
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    This book is so good. Not only for when you are first going through a separation but even after. I bought this book for a friend who is going through the beginnings of a separation and she loves it. It validates what you are feeling, gives you devotions to keep you focused on God, and gives good advice. Which helps at a time when you have trouble knowing what to do next.

  • Tarra Forgie
    12:52 on July 7th, 2013
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    This book gives excellent advice based on the Word of God. It truly helps you to see your hurt and how God wants to help you through your pain. The author has been divorced 3 times and absolutely understands the pain of rejection and dealing with all the circumstances of being alone and moving forward.

  • Jill Again
    17:04 on July 7th, 2013
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    This was a wonderful book to read in the midst of what I’m going through. I like the prayers that are at the beginning of each chapter that is like God writing to you. Definitely a must read.

  • Greg Williams
    18:37 on July 7th, 2013
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    Excellent book, broken up into daily thoughts about your situation. Very comforting and encouragement for your future.

  • Jenny Luis
    21:17 on July 7th, 2013
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    This book has been very helpful in helping me deal with my divorce. The author addresses many of the emotional issues that one deals with in going through a divorce, with suggestions on how to work through these issues in a Christian way.

  • Ronald Hudkins
    23:56 on July 7th, 2013
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    Rose Sweet’s book is one of the most helpful things I read after my own divorce became final. Since then I’ve become a family counselor specializing in divorce, so now I read many books on this topic. I continue to pick up Rose’s book to read favorite passages again: she writes with a clear understanding of how divorce feels, and what to do about it. This excellent book will not disappoint you!

    Barbara Sheldon, M.S.W.
    I also highly recommend: Happily Remarried: *Making Decisions Together *Blending Families Successfully* Building a Love That Will Last

  • Steinar Knutsen
    2:45 on July 8th, 2013
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    This book is a must read for anyone who hasn’t or isn’t living through the perfect divorce. And whose divorce is or was perfect? The tips offered are great but what I found to be the most noteworthy part of this book was the obvious compassion of the author. The words of wisdom were informative and uplifting! What a first aid kit this book is to help parents deal with children and the divorce in general. BOTH of the divorced parents should read this book and take heed.

  • Kathy G
    6:25 on July 8th, 2013
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    Reading through this book gives you a hopeful feeling when you are truly in a lost place. It is surprising how much better your outlook can be when you realize that things such as books like this can help. You look at your situation in a different light.

  • Mike Bunata
    10:58 on July 8th, 2013
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    This book provides daily inspirational help and guidance for anyone going through divorce. The topics discussed seem to come up just when you need them. I highly recommend this book.

  • Phil Brammer
    11:15 on July 8th, 2013
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    I have just finished reading “Healing the Heartbreak Of Divorce” by Rose Sweet. Being a divorcee myself, for 15 years now, I laughed, I cried, I sighed, and I was brought to awe by this wonderful, genius in writing of a book. Finally a book on divorce that is a must read instead of these ridiculous readings, “Divorce for Dumbells.” I was brought back to a place in time that brought back all the memories of devastation, and heartache only to learn by reading this book, HOW FAR I HAVE COME! That is the gift that Rose Sweet gave to me in writing. Another gift given to me by reading this book, was a gift of spiritualism. Which I had lost and have now found. Chapter 14, “Understanding Why?’ struck a nerve in me like no other nerve was ever stuck before in my life. Dealing with my own issues lately, before reading this book with my own “Why’s” with God? This chapter hit me over the head! The giraffe story and the deserted island story, made it all so clear to me now, all of MY OWN “Why’s” have now come to surface with peace of mind. I can now tell you all how soundly I slept after turning the last page of this incredible, INCREDIBLE, piece of work. Bravo to you Rose! Bravo to Us! The Brave and Noble ones who chose this path of serenity ~ Gina Wehmann ~

  • slomon
    16:08 on July 8th, 2013
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    I found this book to be very insightful and very helpful. A friend recommended it to me after my recent divorce, and it did give me some methods to overcome some of the pain I have been experiencing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with hurt after a divorce.

  • Belinda
    17:04 on July 8th, 2013
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    A review from [...], the online resource and community for the 850,000 women who divorce each year:

    Divorce Care is an exceptionally well-written book designed to get anyone through the very first days of divorce, step-by-step and sometimes minute-by-minute. The entire book is written in short snippets for each crazy topic and designed so you can reference it again and again. This is the book you will pick up when you’re having a panic attack at 3 a.m. This is the book you will carry in your purse when you drop off the kids at their dad’s house for the first week of visitation.

    Divorce Care is written by the Presbyterians who created the phenomenal support group of the same name, but many non-Christians will benefit from the universal spiritual guidance and wisdom. Divorce is not the time to get snobby about your brand of spiritual guidance, especially when it’s this good.

  • Cfwade
    18:45 on July 8th, 2013
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    Rose Sweet offers a smorsgasbord of insight to the issues that the recently divorced face. The topics of grief, rejection, anger, bitterness, depression, guilt, fear, and loneliness are explored through real-life examples and are also spiritually examined. Through a very engaging style of writing, Rose shares her journey and inspires you to journey with her to wholeness. I have already purchased several for gifts for friends who need this educational, inspirational, and motivational book. Kudos to Rose for being transparent and serving as a mentor for those who want to follow her footsteps toward healing the heartbreak of divorce!

  • Mad Macs
    22:06 on July 8th, 2013
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    I has having a very difficult time getting thru my divorce. I was in a state of shock and denial. This book really helped. Thank you!

  • Aparana Chauhan
    2:18 on July 9th, 2013
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    This is a very quick read. The chapters are broken down by area and she covers what to expect and how to deal one part at a time thoroughly. I found a lot of good advice. This is a book I’m planning on going through again.

  • Ron Galloway
    8:49 on July 9th, 2013
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    If you are in this devastaing situation then this is the book for you. Daily inspirational thoughts help get you through traumatic time.

  • Constantijn
    10:56 on July 9th, 2013
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    Pretty general – easy to read. Not a lot of substance to help you discover what really went wrong. My suggestion is another book called “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends” by Dr. Bruce Fisher and Dr. Robert Alberti. That book will help you address the tough issues that will help you move on with life in a healthy way.

  • xczfvmewm
    14:54 on July 9th, 2013
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    This is a great help for me during this difficult time. Great letters at the beginning of each chapter and it covers so many of the feelings I’m going through.

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