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Dissect: The bearing rubs and pares and processes knowledge

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Can improve emery wheel, rub key factor to sharpen performance, the fine facelift and repairs sharp greatly most ‘ Generally called repairing Tool and skilled repairment skill. In fact, one have, repair tool and know, repair the intersection of emery wheel and operator of skill skillfully with high quality, can remain the emery wheel all the time and have high rubing and paring performance. But not only depend on buying the so-called good emery wheel. This is very important, because the workshop can’t be according to the situation which everybody operate, allocate the special emery wheel.

It is a treatment course which rub sharp of repairing grit of the ultra hard grit emery wheel to repair sharp. In this course, need to remove combination pharmaceutical among the grit and rub the blunt emery wheel grit, make, have very strong to rub the intersection of emery wheel and grit to sharpen performance, stress, combine outside the pharmaceutical, form the sharp cutting edge. Must repair it sharp too from the air vent on the surface of the emery wheel, remove the small material, prevent acting on the rubing and paring strength to increase of the emery wheel, rubing and paring strength to increase on the emery wheel, will cause and shake and cause the surface of the part to burn.

Without appropriate repairing sharp, can not get high quality and size consistency of processing part even if it is the best emery wheel. In fact, as you have invested in the high-quality emery wheel, in order to obtain high rubing and paring performance, repair they right away seem very much important well.

Can be said to be a part of the preparation of the emery wheel, repairing going on at the same time sharp of it and ordinary emery wheel while having a facelift. As to ultra hard abradant emery wheel, two processes are carried on separately, have a facelift to the emery wheel at first. In using ultra hard abradant emery wheel to rub and pare, it is to use having a facelift the tool or gyro wheel to go on to have a facelift, it is that the repairment using a piece of pottery to combine pharmaceutical is excellent to repair sharp frequently, after having a facelift and finishing, repair and deal with sharp the emery wheel.

Before the emery wheel is including having a facelift and repairing sharp repairment, guarantee the main shaft bearing is at certain temperature waste paring the state such as the common emery wheel It is very important. So can avoid damaging part geometirc shape and emery wheel and repairing the abnormal abrasion of the tool. The tool for repairing must be dealt with carefully, because it is generally made by the diamond material that the quality is hard, wear-resisting but very fragile, and it is all very sensitive to collide, is caused the small crackle and broken by strength slightly correctly.

Because diamond having a facelift device needs the cutter to keep very sharp. Use one to rub the blunt repairment tool to repair the surface of the emery wheel, will make the emery wheel dull. In order to keep a high quality and sharp diamond repairing tools, at regular intervals, rotate and click or bring the sharp repairment tool of awl only needing 1/8 of the circles. Rotating the number of times can determine, according to the experience, rotate once every day according to repairing the situation. As to the chisel head and repairment tool shaped, generally need to rotate in they once rubing blunt the first 180 degrees.

Most cylindrical grinders are to locate the part and emery wheel on a horizontal line. The round peak is called the part / emery wheel to contact some with the round peak outside the emery wheel outside the part, diamond should be close to the part / emery wheel and contact a place and repair the emery wheel as much as possible while repairing tools. Use the emery wheel as to the internal grinder, repair diamond the tool is close to the round peak the part / emery wheel while rubing the hole contacts some outside the emery wheel Repair, this is even more important.

Adopt the trace to be repaired

For reduce, repair time, seem, exist one want, choose large to build a bit always except that enticement of the depth. This is a kind of extremely wrong idea. Must choose most appropriate to build except that depth go on repairing to the emery wheel. Choose too large repairing it except the depth, will produce the high cutting temperature, reduce the service life of the repairing device, will also excise useful emery wheel layer. The final result is to make the repairing device and emery wheel both damage, run counter to desire.

Best repairment as by building several times except that after,can resume shapes geometirc of emery wheel, can just produce good rubing and paring the sharp point edge a criterion.

Use single some to repair tools, should be exposed to the diameter direction of the emery wheel with the angle of inclination of axis thread of 10-15o. Will so make single some repair tools while rotating regularly, one emerges to pare sharp function. Do not need sloping in this angle with a bit more repairment tools that contacts. Change into and contact with the surface of the emery wheel with the whole terminal surface which repairs the tool.

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