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Discuss the formal classification of the bearing of the heat sink simply

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing form refers to the bearing shape that the air-cooled radiator fan uses. On the mechanical engineering, a kind of shape of the bearing is very much, but just then several kinds used on the heat sink products: Use and slip the tribological sleeve bearings to mix these three kinds with ball bearing and two kinds of bearing forms which uses rolling friction. New technology which every large heat sink manufacturer has put out in bearing in the past few years, magnetic bearing, the intersection of ripples and bearing, the intersection of magnetic core and bearing, it comes good fortune to be basic form bearing improve to burn above too in bearing,etc., there is not a change in the operation principle. Mainly use oil-retaining bearing and ball bearing on the ordinary air-cooled heat sink.

The oil-retaining bearing uses and slips the tribological sleeve bearing, use lubricating oil as lubricant and drag reducer, the noise in operation is low while using in initial stage, the manufacturing cost is low too, but this kind of bearing wear is serious, the life-span has disparity greatly more than the ball bearing. And this kind of bearing uses as time goes by, because oil-sealed reason computer heat sink products can not use the top-grade oil seal, it is generally ordinary paper oil seal ,The lubricating oil will volatilize gradually, and the dust will enter the bearing, thus cause the fan rotational speed to slacken, noise can also increase scheduling problem is severe because the bearing wear causes the fan eccentricity to initiate and shake vigorously. These phenomena appear, either open the oil seal and refuel, or only eliminate and purchase the new fan separately. The pot reaches and imports the bearing- Miss Wang

The ball bearing has changed bearing friction way, adopt rolling friction, this way has reduced the friction phenomenon between the bearing surfaces more validly, promote the life time of the fan shaft bearing effectively, lengthen the life time of the heat sink too. Shortcomings brought even if the craft is more complicated, lead to the fact the cost is promoted, bring more high working noise at the same time.

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