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Discuss classification and attentive matters of the lubricating oil of bearing of brick machine simply

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The lubricating oil of bearing of brick machine can be roughly divided into lithium base and calcium base two big classes

The lubricating oil of bearing can be roughly divided into lithium base and calcium base two big classes. Calcium base lubricating grease —-Made of fat of animals and plants and lime calcium soap thick to take lubricating oil of mineral. Lithium base lubricating grease —-With the thick low condensation point lubricating oil that melted of natural fatty acid lithium soap. Lithium base, as to having excellent water-resistances, mechanical stability, chemical stability with the calcium base lubricating oil, the thick ability of melting of lithium soap is relatively strong, after adding additive of pressing pharmaceuticals, antirusting in lubricating grease very much etc., make lipoprotein of many kinds of long-lives. The intersection of brick machine and environment for use abominable bearing, time long and load serious maintaining, maintaining difficult, so mostly count and use the base lubricating oil of lithium.

Using and should notice to oxidize the lithium base lubricating oil of molybdenum:
1,Two molybdenum sulfide has better resisting water, better mechanical stability and compression resistance, mechanical lubrication carried on one’s shoulder or back mainly for relatively heavy load.
2,Two molybdenum sulfide has certain function of corrosion on copper and alloy, it is unsuitable to be in charge of sending with copper, will cause the pipeline to stop up and cause and lack the oil accident.
3,Not suitable for use in the worm gear worm group made of the alloy of copper, will result in breaking the tooth because of corroding.
4,Not suitable for use in the alloy of copper and make the rolling bearing which keeps the shelf, will result in keeping the shelf rupturing because of corroding.
5,There are positions made of copper and alloy that don’t select the lubricated products of two sulphur molybdenum for use and contain while needing lubricating. This has a lot of apparatus accidents to do the lesson.

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