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Discuss ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing of China are developed

29th November 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Ceramic bearing study, start relatively late in China, China research and develop university, all institute bearing ceramic and ball bearing ceramic at present: Shanghai silicate research institute, Shanghai material, Shandong worker pottery institute, Guangdong polytechnical university, Tianjin university, Lip river axle,etc.. The ceramic bearing manufacturing enterprise of China is mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang. Lip river axle and outside some samples that silicate of Shanghai has made, there are not the enterprises which see industrialization. Compared with foreign countries, the development situation of the ceramic bearing of China allows of no optimist. China can form enterprises producing ceramic bearing of the industrialization scale not to almost have. Trace it to its source, certainly influenced by factors in many aspects, such as engineering level, talent, fund,etc., especially the market does not find out, confidence is insufficient. Present China, to the research and development of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing, generally speaking several respects have problems, have restricted the development of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing of China seriously.

Problem that ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing of China exist while researching and developing

First of all, it is all the research and development of the ceramic ball bearings of high speed, high precision that we see all reports at present, and usually rely mainly on rounding the nitrogen silicon ball more, the problem mainly solved, one is making the base to study of ceramic ball, the preparation method method that another one is the high-accuracy ceramic ball is studied, belong to more high-speed occasions such as the high-speed lathe, numerical control lathe, electric main shaft,etc. in using, long-life or ceramic ball bearing that require such as being low in noise, can break away from the intersection of SI3N4 and the intersection of ball and manufacture of base and process from start to finish, to the new materials, for instance: The research of materials such as SiC, ZrO2, ZTA, Sialon,etc. still belongs to small quantity, production practices prove, employ the producer of ZrO2 to take the overwhelming majority. Material and craft caused by cost reason of worry can’t be used on a large scale. Low noise which health Natt bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd of Haining produces, doing rubs, prevents the ceramic ball bearing of the specification the same as Japan NMB Company of ceramic ball bearing of static from carrying on the detailed contrast, differ by 2 dbs on decibel, good products are possible 20 db. is the same as foreign products. But the price makes a reservation about 15% of NMB Company. Can form a complete set with the electrical machinery of the Chinese household appliances directly. But compared with ordinary bearing such a price is great cuts, could be used only in the top-grade and household appliances electrical machinery exported.

Secondly, the production of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing is that the high-tech pottery is bound with industrialization of the bearing manufacturing technology, the specialization intensity of the two is very high, the industry substantially as solving the pottery with the bearing combines the problem, realize high-quality low-cost production in enormous quantities, it is an empty verbiage to meet market demand. Now, China can produce the ceramic material of manufacture of enterprise of the bearing, the enterprises that can produce the ceramic material can not make the bearing, disconnect in practical application seriously between speciality and discipline, some bearing manufacturing enterprises study to ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing in the professional knowledge, especially ceramic material science and project fewer at present, the well known one is the surface content of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing. Have led to the fact one is that bearing that ceramic material is made into is a ceramic bearing, join the situation that the ceramic game is the ceramic ball bearing. Ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing of China can only be used under being able to bear corroding, hopeless electricity, hopeless magnetism, the environments of low rotational speed, light load. And even if greater problem exists in the manufacture of the ceramic material in China, base on the premise that craft and technology have not reached a standard yet, it causes at a low price the performance of the material to be unable to reach the anticipated result at all to pursue blindly. Make the development of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing enter into the new wrong road, also cause more applying units to lose confidence to ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing.

Moreover, as the grinding of high-tech product, want technology-intensive to put into with intensive fund investing two stages, industrialization produces the ceramic bearing, should solve a lot of technological difficult points, also need greater fund input with using the difficult problem, also hold market orientation, need the knowledgeable people in the industry to regard high-quality ones that develop ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing of China as own duty. The competition of the low price certainly will bring manufacturing in a rough way and further deterioration of the market. Primitive accumulation with a lasting one of capital must serve ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing until high-quality field develop while being absorbed. The development in the present stage of the ceramic bearing of China is shown as doing things in his own way, small-scale localization in disorder produces and lacks whole consciousness and macroscopical strategic thought.

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