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Diagnose the system to online monitoring and trouble fastening the flowing main ventilator of axle

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 1 Comment

A foreword

With sensing the constant development of the technology and computer technology, monitor and diagnose this with the trouble in order to sense technology and computer technology as the subject for research on the foundation online, have obtained new development. In order to enable this

A technology succeeds in transforming into productivity, by further improving the automation of coal enterprise, intelligent level, one company will monitor diagnosing with the trouble technology applies to to fastening on the flowing main ventilator of axle online successfully, have created conditions for the coal enterprise implemented the informationization in an all-round way and improved enterprise’s management level.

This text monitors and diagnoses the system with the trouble as the example online with the FJC type that one company develops, have introduced the mine to fastening the flowing main ventilator hereafter referred to as the main ventilator of axle Monitor designing requirement, makes up systematically, course and running situation of working of diagnosing the system with the trouble online.

2 designing requirements

2.1 functions are required

The main ventilator of the colliery is one of four major capital equipment of the colliery, mainly ventilate as the mine, it 24h turn round ceaselessly every day, whole ” breathes ” of mine System. Such important key equipment of safety in production, if shut down and run because of a certain trouble, will bring to safety in production of the whole mine enormously and threaten, so, demand to be related to it to monitor diagnosing with the trouble systematic dependability should be high online, so, the normal running that will not influence the main ventilator either when system breaks down.

Driven to fastening the flowing main ventilator of axle by two electrical machineries, so should sample to require the parameter to two electrical machineries respectively.

” safety code of the colliery ” stipulate, the mine main ventilator must install the main ventilating devices of 2 sets of equal ability, one of these set is regarded as for subsequent use. In order to reduce users to monitoring and diagnosing systematic fund input with the trouble online, require one system can switch over among two main ventilator, every main ventilator run until where main ventilator go on monitoring.

In addition still require this system having in help of line, state monitoring, trouble diagnosis, machine are balanced and materials to search five major functions. The system can monitor diagnosing with the trouble to the air blower in line state automatically or manually on time. Can record the air volume when the main ventilator runs automatically, parameter values such as wind pressure, efficiency, rotational speed, vibration, power of electrical machinery, winding temperature, bearing temperature and passing in and out the gas temperature,etc., and produce forms automatically. Atlas, wind pressure – curve graph and data of air volume about signal reveal ocularly and concisely. The system can be before for instance bearing damage, blade deformation the main ventilator break down Autoalarm, brief on, overhaul, and can intelligence judge cranky property and position.

To facilitate user’s using and operating, require the software can run under the common Windows operating system.

Technological index of performance and parameter that 2.2 requirements reach

1Importing is confirmed, output 4 effective figures by the sensor;

2Every passway number shows the error and does not exceed 2%;

3The computer screen allows the showing rate by mistake: 1/10000;

4The dependability of the management software: Do not crash in running for a long time state, have interference-free measure and resume the function by oneself;

5The fixed complete characteristics determines, print bearing temperature, winding temperature, wind pressure, air volume, efficiency, shake the curve correctly, the greatest error does not exceed 2%;

6Power: AC220V± 5%, 43- 67Hz;

7Applicable temperature: -40- 180 ℃;

8The steady state is analyzed: When enter to move land wave form, axis orbit, axis position, axis, enter the momentum instead , go on while being holographic and one-dimensional frequency spectrum and low frequency thinning, etc;

9The attitude is analyzed temporarily: Increase make a reduction of The speed Bode is pursued, increasedmake a reduction of The speed axis stocks, works up, increasesmake a reduction of The harmonic wave of speed is analyzed and increase make a reduction of Course picture of the speed,etc.;

10Trend analysis: Shake total amount trend, axis and enter to work up trend and harmonic wave to shake the trend etc. and segment, under the specified working state of the air blower, monitor the following characteristic amount in real time:

Move the total amount;

Move the land wave form when the signal;

One, two and three stepses of harmonic wave shake the weight difference of and amplitude of the consulting value;

Axis orbit;

The axis is entering to move one, two and three steps, enter the momentum instead ;

Stock, work up while being holographic;

One, two and three steps are entering the momentum difference of and consulting value;

One, two and whether last that weight after three steps harmonic wave it divide into, when, Japan, trends monthly;

Enter one, two and three steps by that momentum, instead, divide into, when, Japan, trends monthly;

Entering the transient state sudden change of the momentum;

The harmonic wave shakes the transient state sudden change of the weight.

According to the above-mentioned the intersection of characteristic and quantity, can find out about state of machine accurately, help engineer diagnose following main troubles that might appear in the machine:

The rotor is uneven;

Crackle of pivot;

Turn quiet and touch rubing;

The rotor is hot and crooked;

The blade loses one;

While supporting wrong;

Rotor jitter;

Breathe heavily and shake etc..

3 main ventilators monitor and diagnose systematic composition with the trouble online

FJC type monitors and diagnoses the system with the trouble by worker’s accusing of machine including software online Standard switch board, guide, press device, examine, shake device, become, give device, the intersection of computer and desk and complement one to make up while being other. According to function its, whole system can resolve many the intersection of stature and system into, including data gather subsystem and state monitor subsystem, trouble diagnose the subsystem mainly, each subsystem is made up of module of a series of task again, they work in coordination, monitoring and intellectual trouble are diagnosed when the ones that finish state of running in the aircrew are real.

For overcome state monitor and trouble diagnose many task and contradiction and dependability and person who expand to improve system of real-time character in the course, have adopted the level systematic structure. The system is divided into three levels, as shown in Fig. 1. The first level is by the sensor acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor,etc. , changerpower changer, pressure changer, last changer,etc. And the corresponding signal switches over, recuperates the circuit to make up; The second level is gathered the appearance to make up by the long-range data; The third level is analyzed, diagnosed that serve the computer to make up, realize aircrew’s state monitors diagnosing with the intellectual trouble in real time by the signal.

1Monitor and divide two kinds of modes online. One kind is in order to monitor the mode automatically, under this mode, this system runs to the main ventilator of the mine regularly the state is monitored online, for the test generally; Another kind monitors the mode for single time, arouse this mode each time, this system runs to the main ventilator of the mine the state only realizes monitoring, test that is used for in adjustment or maintenance course.

2The data collecting card shakes signals to gather No. 4 simultaneously with a pulse signal of axles of No. 2, and keep the vibration signal data gathered according to the time serial number, in order to carry on accident analysis, should keep data gathered 30 times; The data collecting card gathers the bearing temperature signals of No. 4; The data collecting card gathers the flow simultaneously with pressure signal.

3The data shaking the signal to every way are calculated, obtain and shake the earthquake intensity value; Count a pulse signal of axle of every way, calculate the rotational speed of every minute of the main ventilator; Change the bearing temperature signal of every way, obtain temperature value; Calculate the data of flow and pressure signal, obtain air volume, wind pressure, efficiency value. Hat shakes the present results of calculation of the earthquake intensity, main ventilator rotational speed, temperature, air volume, wind pressure, efficiency value of every minute t. Meanwhile, record the result of calculation each time in the form of form in the order of time; Draw the chronological chart which shakes the earthquake intensity, temperature, air volume and wind pressure in the form of chronological chart, and can consult and analyze.

4The state monitors the subsystem and compares with value and threshold value stipulated of wind pressure according to the earthquake intensity of vibration, temperature, air volume calculated in real time, reveal the state of running of the machine ” Normal ” , ” warning ” , ” unusual” Conclusion. ” warn ” Remind hour, ” unusual ” Call the police hour,

Trouble diagnose according to the intersection of mine and main structure and the intersection of operation and characteristic of ventilator, trouble diagnose subsystem with to monitor as foundation online aircrew, according to the data when it is real that the line monitors vibration signals won, course parameter,etc., according to analysing the result, the characteristic data of the state of drawing reflecting the aircrew runs of analysis module of signal, diagnose the unit breaking down. When needing to carry on accident analysis, can access the vibration signal data kept to analyze according to the time serial number, draw spectral picture and hour land picture. Can search for some peak value and make operation automatically within the range of whole frequency analyzed or in the designated trouble frequency range, obtain the characteristic parameter value under the corresponding trouble frequency, and compare with characteristic parameter threshold value under the frequency of this trouble presumed automatically, judge position, reason, type, property where the trouble may take place, and the reference of offering maintenance is proposed, reveal on the display screen. The complexity taking place because of some troubles, in order to further analyze the trouble, set off by the experience of people if necessary. Therefore, it is spectral picture and when if you can’t have also land picture, search for by the functions of peak value manually.

4.2 machines are balanced

As needing to carry on the machine when being balanced, shake signals and gather to axle a pulse signal and two No. No. one at the same time, shake signal, carry on number value strain wave to two No., extract turning frequency of pivot, shake signals, analyze phase place and amplitude, and calculate and should add and equilibrate quality and position.

5 running situation

1Main monitor online that ventilator with trouble last system at present suits many ago and what our company produce is curved to if you can’t plunder, make by perpendicularity up through producing the ventilators mains running to fastening by axling together for the flowing types, prove, this systematic function is steady, easy and simple to handle through the use in 1- 2 years.

2This system can make the relevant personnel grasp the operation state of the main ventilator in time, the appropriate operation parameter of adjusting the main ventilator, make the main ventilator run in the high-efficient district as much as possible if necessary, have prominent energy-conserving results, have reduced the operating cost of the main ventilator, has raised the economic benefits of the coal enterprise.

3Enterprise’s informationization, it is the inexorable trend of enterprise’s development. The coal enterprise is in order to realize enterprise’s informationization, must form a complete set to monitor diagnosing the system with the trouble on the main ventilator online. As China ” uses informationization to bring along industrialization and promotes the informationization by industrialization ” The deepening constantly of work, choose to form a complete set in China at present the ore of this system is getting more and more with the users of the main ventilator.

6 conclusions

1FJC type monitor with trouble diagnosing system can meet colliery to fasten the intersection of axle and to monitor requirement that diagnose with trouble online main ventilator of flowing etc. online, can improve the automation of the main ventilator of the colliery, intelligent level, advance the working process of the informationization of coal enterprise, also help to improve the management level of the coal enterprise.

2Because the early warning function of this system, the main ventilator can get essential maintenance and repair in time, have improved the dependability that the main ventilator runs, has offered the strong guarantee for realizing the ventilation of the colliery safely.

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