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Damage state and reason of the bearing

29th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The damage of the bearing:

Generally, if use the bearing correctly, can use to reach fatigue life. But there will be accidents that will be damaged too early, can’t be able to bear in the situation that use. This kind is damaged in early days, is opposite to fatigue life, is called and use as quality of the trouble or accident the limit. The ones that caused by and installed, used, lubricated going are careless more, foreign matter invaded from the outside, research of influence enough getting abundant as to axle, heat of outer cover.

Damage state about the bearing, for instance: It is wounded to roll in one set of circles of the sub bearing, block the card in the side, can be considered as the reason, lubricant is insufficient, unsuitable, is for the defect, invasion, bearing of the foreign matter of arranging the oil structure to install the bending too big of the error, axle, also there are these coincident reasons.

So, only investigate the bearing is damaged, very rare real reason to know to be damaged. However, if has known using the structure around the machinery, service condition, bearing, understanding the situation before and after the accident happens of the bearing, damage state and several kinds of reasons for combining the bearing investigate, can prevent the similar accident from recuring.

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