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Daily stability that comes to maintain INA bearing

21st November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Guarantee the intersection of INA and getting in small, broken bits steady operation respect of bearing, can guarantee daily maintenance function, especially to key the intersection of part and lubricated function of bearing, it displays to be getting in small, broken bits to will produce a large amount of heat from respect this in the working project, and the raised form of temperature shown from this respect, has changed a great deal, at the same time in this respect can long-term operation too last form of abrasion about bearing, so getting in small, broken bits bearing lubricate, influence whole result of operation of production line directly.

Simple INA bearing lubricating oil choice skill about the machine in small, broken bits of introduction from below.

1,Mix the oil

Never use the oil unable to be inclusive with, if two kinds of incompatible oil are used with, usually its consistency will be softened, may cause the damage of the bearing because the oil is apt to run off finally. If does not know which kind of lubricating grease the bearing originally uses, must remove the old oil inside and outside the bearing completely first, and then additive new oil.

2,Mechanical stability

The oil will be softened when machinery is processed, result in revealing. At the time of normal running, the oil will be got rid of from bearing stand in the bearing. If mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, operate in the course, will make the structure of the soap of the oil produce machinery disintegration, cause the oil to be destroyed, thus lose lubricated function.

3,Chosen the important factor of the oil

If the mistake chooses all of oil to prevent the measure of the bearing it is futile, choose a kind of oil, it is very important that the oil viscosity of its base can offer enough lubricated results at the working temperature, the viscosity is mainly influenced by temperature, it drops with rising of the temperature, it is that it rises to drop at the temperature. So, must know the oil viscosity of base in the working temperature.

4,Oil seal

The oil seal is the essential protective screen of protecting bearing and lubricant against outside pollution, the bearing operates in the course, no matter the incidental or moisture can’t be permeated through the bearing, so as not to cause and destroy it.

It is to give play to the important factor of longest service life of the bearing that correct installation is maintained. Meanwhile, cleaning degree, exactness and exertion appropriate installation and maintenance tool that the bearing chooses of the bearing that must notice. In addition, the bearing must prevent receiving the pollution of the pollutant and moisture, and guarantee that there is the correct one that is installed and lubricated.

5,Classification of the oil

Main foundation temperature and condition of work are distinguished: Oil can classify according to working temperature of their permission, consistency and lubricated ability of oil to receive whom working temperature influence, the bearing operated at a certain temperature must be chosen there is oil of correct consistency and good lubricated result at the same temperature. By job that is different been temperature range make in oil,can’t roughly can divide by low temperature into with, warm with and oil using at high temperature. Meanwhile, a kind of oil is called able to bear pushing or able to bear pushing and adding two molybdenum sulfiding, meanwhile, plus additive in order to strengthen and lubricates the intensity of the oil film among them.

6,Performance of antirusting

The oil used in the bearing must have result of antirusting, rust inhibitor can be insoluble in water. The oil should have good adhesion, and can form a layer of oil films on the surface of steel products.

INA bearing has certain results to the stabilization of the lubricated respect too, it is can correct in what has been and expressed in this respect meaning embody by result in this respect, and changed a great deal in the meaning, the meaning in this respect of understanding that thus can be better.

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