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Commission agent SKF distributor in Qingdao of Shandong of 622112RS bearing

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Import the bearing and install the step:
While installing and importing the bearing, the absolutely clean environment is extremely essential. Don’t remove the packaging of the bearing ahead of time before installing and importing the bearing, guarantee the axle head is smooth and clean, all tools, axle, pedestal and other parts must be totally cleaned.
If installation work is postponed or cut off, the mounting assembly employs the grease-proof paper to wrap up, in order to avoid the dust or dirt.
All imported bearings usually cover the rust-preventive oil, unless there is lubricating in advance and \ or pack in advance to suitable for requiring individually. Generally it is unnecessary to remove rust-preventive oil, unless the following reasons:
1,Importing the rust-preventive oil or grease in the bearing is diluted seriously. This generally happens on the minor imported bearing, the quantity of the vast scale that the inner rust-preventive oil of bearing takes the required lubricating oil very.
2,Need low torque. Synthetic lubricant used is incompatible with rust-preventive oil. So wash the rust-preventive oil with the naphtha of petroleum or paraffin solution of the good quality, let the bearing be arranged to the limit completely, the dry bearing finally, the following is a better dry way:
[1]Will import the bearing to put into the dry oven or Platen, it is enough for the temperature to reach 65-80 degrees of C. Can also use the dry, clean compressed air, the retainer of the small bearing must be fixed with the collar, otherwise compress the air current to strike and import the part of the bearing but rotate with higher speed in the twinkling of an eye, cause the ball to slip like this, damage the high and bright and clean interior surface of bearing.
[2]The installation of the collar is very important, so should guarantee axle and pedestal accurate size and good surface of installation surface.
[3]All shaft shoulders must be smooth and is perpendicular to the spin axis. Don’t absolutely be forced the installation outer lane or beaten the outer lane by beating the inner circle to force and install the inner circle, it will cause the ball roller to do it in this way
[4]With the permanent damage of ball track. To the application of force all around of the collar evenly, to use the pressure machine is better than the hammer. If install with hammer, should be in bearing and hammer
Between pad by steel tubes or copper bars suitable low-carbon in the size one on every one. Hammer so ‘ It is preferably tapping) The strength of the copper bar or steel tube is distributed around collar evenly, this strength increases gradually.
[5]The roller bearing ‘ Such as cylindrical roller bearing) Assembly that separate assemble well in a complete set, and roller with inner circle, the intersection of outer lane and ball track must keep in touch of zero angle, otherwise roller can’t free gliding and will last one of forces,cause ball track and roller scratch, and then cause the noise to even cause the bearing to fail ahead of time.
[6]When the collar of the bearing is supporting the shaft shoulder or bearing seat hole shoulder to install, should guarantee to be totally next to each other. Assemble as to tighter interference fit, the inner circle is added by reaction
The heat exchanger is installed on axle after heating, before the complete cooling of the bearing, should guarantee the collar is close to shaft shoulder or bearing seat hole shoulder. For installing in the adapter sleeve with jam nut or retreating and unloading the counter bore bearing put in, the jam nut must guard against the high strung that can’t be locked, lock so that high strung will make the inner circle swell and dispel all backlashes within the bearing, even make the inner circle break.
[7]When using and bringing pin spanner to lock the nut, the length of the spanner may be 5 times that of axle diameter, after the jam nut, reuse hammers to beat the hand grip of spanners a few times gently, such locking strength is enough. If possible, would propose that it is easy to install it after operating for some time, would check the adapter sleeve or retreat and unload one to still fasten with the axle well.
[8]It worthes reminds to be in addition, so long as possible the intersection of axle and revolutionary direction should retreat and unload and put the trend direction in which the nut locks in or towards the adapter sleeve.

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