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Classification and choice of the oil

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The classification of the oil can go on according to their permission temperature, the temperature that lubricated ability and viscosity of the oil receive the work is of great impact, at a certain temperature, the oil can let the bearing keep the good operation state.

Classification of oil in theory can divide into lt of low temperature, mt under being warm, ht under the high temperature, a kind of oil is called ep at the same time ‘ Able to bear pushing Goods em able to bear pushing and adding two molybdenum sulfide ,Plus additive in order to strengthen and lubricates the intensity of the oil film.

It is very important to choose the oil, if wrong rotatory oil, all prevent the measure that the bearing damages is in rain too, been choosing the oil all the time, has reached the best defending fatigue and result lubricated at its appropriate working temperature and environment, usually the manufacturer of the bearing will appoint to use the oil of a certain type, but our bicycle axle will not usually have similar information that will be got, and should make the bearing operate and give play to at best state.

Then the attitude which chooses the oil must be very serious, I recommend the bicycle oil that you can consider to be should be the medium-sized viscosity, it is high and waterproof, high to resist and press very much, warm, the oil of high antidetonation, we choose the oil used to have multi-type at present, among them 202 Thailand ‘ Also called No. nearly 2 Sri Lankan It is a kind of low price and accords with the oil of the majority of requirement, generally a kilogram of one that helds are 25 yuan at the price, the only problem is viscous spent largely, under the circumstances that the interval of axle adjusts the extremely good state, hands are transferred to still feeling too that there is resistance slightly, reasons are that the viscosity is too high, this kind of oil will even be glued and moved rubbery oil-sealed turning, promise flower-drum and highway bus flower-drum relatively appropriate, pivot high to it forces down rotational speed to be especially suitable in bearing extremely especially for like horse, and LGEP-2 lithium base lipoprotein of SKF not only has various advantages of Thailand 202′s but also below Thailand 202 under the viscosity, this make the intersection of axle and pieces of smooth turning, for use in 3 axle and it rotates frequency to be appropriate in the low the intersection of bus and first the intersection of bowl and group and high-frequency guide pulley, it is us in long-term practice and rare experience choice of the next one of situation of passing by a lot of detours to choose this oil, everybody can find this kind of lubricating grease in SKF at home resell the shop too, the only shortcoming is that the price is relatively expensive, but is worth putting to its protection of the bearing into.

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