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Choice and application principle of SKF bearing- Lubricated temperature model of oil of bearing

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Introduction: Choice and application principle of SKF bearing, the temperature range that the oil of bearing lubricates, traffic signal lamp of SKF bearing.

The temperature range of oil in use of SKF bearing is mainly decided by base oil kind and numerous factors of thickening agent and additive,etc. used. The relevant temperature is Israel ” The double-colored traffic signal lamp ” Formal expression.

Terminal to the extreme temperature, namely the terminal and high-temperature limit of low temperature has already done the clear definition.

The low temperature is terminal LTL The oil allows the not difficult minimum temperature that starts of the bearing, are mainly decided by base oil kind and viscosity. High-temperature and terminal HTL Decided by thickening agent kind, to base oil of soap, it is by dripping some ones that express. It expresses oil lose the temperature that its consistency becomes liquid to drip some.

Obviously, show like the red area of diagram 1, it is inadvisable to be lower than low-temperature limit and is higher than terminal operation high-temperaturely. Though supplier has indicated low temperature and high-temperature and terminal particular value in the product information with oil, but in order to run reliably, SKF provides the really important temperature value: Low-temperature performance is terminal LTPL Terminal HTPL with high-temperature performance .

At the intersection of diagram and 1 green area within being two piece terminal these, the oil can contribute reliably, and can determine the service life of the oil accurately. Because high-temperature performance limit does not have standard in the world that define, so should very careful while explaining the supplier’s data.

It is terminal HTPL to higher than high-temperature performance Temperature under,will wear out oil with higher speed and it oxidize, and whether it last influence on lubricating and is produced and harmful to at by product after oxidizing. So, in high-temperature performance limit and high-temperature and terminal HTL Between lasting times shorter.

There is a yellow area in the low-temperature district too. As the temperature is reduced constantly, the flowability of the oil will be reduced too, and the hardness consistency of the oil Also will increase. Lead to the fact, roll body and roll line it keeps in touch superficial lubricant to be insufficient in supply finally. In diagram 1, this temperature is terminal LTPL with low-temperature performance Expression. Sub bearing and low-temperature performance of the ball bearing are different in extreme to roll. Because the ball bearing sub bearing than to roll is apt to lubricate, low-temperature performance limit is not slightly important to ball bearing. But the sub bearing for rolling, when the bearing runs at below terminal temperature continuously, will cause and damage seriously. Short time run in the the intersection of temperature and area, start while being cold, will not cause the damage, because the heat caused by rubing will make the bearing temperature rise to the green area.

SKF traffic signal lamp principle suitable for any oil; However, the area of temperature of different oil is different, and can only determine by functional test of the bearing. The signal lamp limit of the traffic: Usually used in the oil kind of the rolling bearing; SKF oil.

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