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Checking regularly to bearing state when machinery operates, the temperature is checked

29th November 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing state of mechanical equipment while operating is managed, it is very important to prevent trouble before it happens. Should be from supply and exchange period judging lubricant in the temperature of the bearing, property 調 of the sound, vibrant checking regularly and lubricant. We will introduce the inspection of its temperature of imported bearing first today in a following brief introduction.

Generally speaking, importing the bearing will intensify after beginning to operate, for some time, namely with lower temperature ‘ It is usually 10~40 degrees higher than the room temperature In normality. By the time of the normality, according to the bearing size, form, rotational speed, lubricated method, exothermic terms change but not different, take to odd hours 20 minute roughly at this moment around the bearing.

When the bearing temperature has not reached the normality and become abnormal to intensify, can consider some following reasons, in addition should shut down and adopt the essential countermeasure as soon as possible.

The bearing temperature is essential for keeping the appropriate life-span of the bearing and preventing the degradation of the lubricating oil etc., propose: Try hard to control in non- high-temperature condition ‘ Generally for under 100 degrees It is ideal to use.

Main reason why the unusual temperature rises

There is too much or too little lubricating oil

The installation of the bearing is bad

The interval is too small within the bearing, or load is too big

The friction of seal installation is too big

Lubricant is not accorded with

Cooperate with creep of Taxi,etc.

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