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Check 3 kinds of methods of the axle bush interval of bearing

31st October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Check 3 kinds of methods of the axle bush interval of bearing:

: 1 is had to the external diameter which stipulates torsion and journal closely, measure the internal diameter # of axle bush and should install axle bush well separately with the measuring tool. The difference of two diameter is interval of axle bush.

2 suitable to put between axle bush and journal axially, it smaller than the intersection of axle bush and width, thicknesses to be to allow, repair the intersection of copper and slice of interval slightly with about 10 of width, length. After being tight on using the fixed torsion, reduce pressure and try transferring to the axle of the song pay attention to not needing and exerting oneself excessively under the state, so as not to damage axle bush If can rotate, show the interval too big.

3 is perpendicular to the axis direction, between axle bush and journal. The soft metal slice or soft wire of an appropriate thickness put, after covering with the tight tile on the fixed torsion, take out the soft metal one, measure its thickness, this value is an interval of axle bush.


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