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Characteristic of the grease characteristic in the bearing of the electrical machinery

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Unless fine in adaptability, is it high to have low-temperature characteristic,can in indoor and outdoor, the South and the North is common.
Suitable consistency, have better reducing and bestiring oneself and using, the noise of the reducible electrical machinery bearing, favorable to enviromental protection.
Fine in fluidity,it temperature demand to use generally until – C- C of 120 degrees of 25 degrees,it starts that force moment is little, it operates that force moment is low, there is little power consumption, temperature rise is low.
Insulation class, for A, E, B-staged, can’t contain sulphur, chlorine, pigeonhole additive very much.
Anti-oxidant and of good performance, after long term administration, one degree of changes of appearance color, acid-base of the grease is little, have not obviously oxidized the phenomenon.
Have long performance life, can lengthen service cycle, reduce the bearing to consume.
Antirusting, defending salt fog ability strongly, the water-resistance is good, can be suitable for the harsh work environment.
Lubricating property, abrasion resistance are good, do not get rid of the oil, not dry up, not emulsify, not run off, the grease should not contain the firm type matter.

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